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H.M.S. Ulster


H.M.S. ULSTER 1958-1960 Commission   

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Since I created these pages, a few names have come to light that for some obscure reason were never included in HMS Ulster Commissioning booklet.  I have added their names with an asterisk [*]

Officers & Shipmates name in yellow indicate an email link

1958-60 OFFICERS



Commander C. Rusby * poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)


LCdr  R Cudworth poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)



LCdr J. M. Hough poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) LCdr W. A. Higgins * poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) LCdr (SD) J. R Blackstock poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)
Lt N. W. Parker poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) Lt J. A. H. Corrie  poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) Lt B. C. Gallagher poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)
Lt R. J. Brooke poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) Surgeon Lt B. J. E. Cooke poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) Sub Lt C. D. Walkinshaw
    Sub Lt J. A. Marshall * Made Flag Rank
1958-60 Chief Petty Officers
COA. Barnes CPO Cattell SCPO(S) Coppenhall poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)
CERA Croft CPO Dilnutt CM(E) Edwards
Mech1 Geake CRS Greene








Kay poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)













1958-60 Petty Officers

POEL Beech PO Cane poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) POEL Crooks poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)
POM(E) Devine POM(E) Edwards EA4 Farmer
PO Fitzpatrick poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) POREl Forbes POM(E) Gregory
POM(E) Hamlyn POM(E) Haylings POEL Hunter
POM(E) Lock PO TASI Martin poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) POStwd. Miller
PO Ralph poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) POCk(S) Scott POCk(O) Smith
POREL Stanton PO Tindley  poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) (1963) REA4 Watts
1958-60 Leading Hands
LCoder (E) Abery *        
LS Andrews poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) LS Bright LM(E) Brown
LSA(V) Clifford LREM Collins LWtr Cooper
LM(E) Dawber LStwd. Dexter LEM Ditum
LStwd. Eldridge LS Francis LEM. Hamill
LStwd. Hardie LS Hirst LS Holmes
LS UC1 Hudson poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) LEM. Knight poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) L.M(E) Lawton
ERA5 Lippett LM(E) Newlands LS Nicholson
LM(E) Parkinson OA5 Pearman ** LM(E) Phillips
LM(E) Price LRO Robert LS Rowe
LWtr Rutter* LCk(S) Sharp LS PTI Speake poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)
LCk(O) Twyman LTO Wilding LStwd. Taylor
ERA5 Townsend        
* Not on commissioning card ** OJT    
1958-60 Able Rates
AB Abbass poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) AB Allin AB Angove
AB Beer Stwd Booth M(E)1 Breed
AB Burry AB Carlile AB Chamberlainpoppy3.gif (2662 bytes)
M(E)1 Clayton AB Colville M(E)1 Cotton poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)
M(E)1 Coughlan EM1 Davies M(E)1 Davis poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)
RO2 Dickinson M(E)1 Dixon AB Dowling
RO2 Doyle RO2 Evans AB Ewer
M(E)1 Fahy M(E)1 Fear RO2 Fear *
AB Finch M(E)1 Fisher AB Forsyth
M(E)1 Foster AB Frampton AB Francis ***
AB Gaskell EM1 Gibbons poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) EM1 Ginn
Stwd. Godbert M(E)1 Green TO2 Gregory

Harris  poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)

RO2 Healey AB Hendry
Ck(O) Hill AB Hilsdon poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) AB Hodge poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)
TO2 Hollingsworth AB Howl AB Hunt
AB Hutcheon poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) AB Julian AB Kane
AB Keay Wtr Kendall G. * M(E)1 King
AB Lipscombe AB Livingston poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) AB Longhurst
M(E)1 Ludkins AB MacGregor M(E)1 Mann


Mannion poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)


Matthewspoppy3.gif (2662 bytes)

Ck(S) May
EM1 McKee * M(E)1 Middleton





M(E)1 Morris AB Murden poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)
EM1 Murphy Stwd. Neal AB Newell
M(E)1 Norman REM1 0'Hara SA(V) Owens poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)
Ck(S) Pattie AB Plowright M(E)1 Potter
AB Pugh M(E)1 Pugh M(E)1 Rhodes
M(E)1 Rual M(E)1 Screen SA(S) Seale
AB Shave * AB Shephard I.


Shepperd P.
AB Silver TO2 Simmons AB Smith
SBA Stancliffe AB Stewart AB Thompson, B
AB Thompson, I AB Thorpe Ck(S) Topping
AB Warren M(E)1 White M(E)1 Wilson

Wollaston poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)

M(E)1 Wood AB Woolner
EM1 Wright RO2 Young    
      * Not on commissioning card
In Postal/Phone contact with Webmaster

*** Son has made contact still awaiting response from his father.

AWOL - were in contact dropped out of sight

1958-60 Ordinary Rates
Ord Bain Ord Beagley
Ord. Collins Ord Fox
Ord Millen Ord O'Sullivan
Ord Piper Ord Prince
Ord Richards Ord Taylor
TO3 Walter poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) TO3 Ward
Ord Watson Ord Worsfold
Ord Wraight poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)    

 1958-60 Commission Statistics

Miles Steamed 40,050
Days at Sea 187
Fuel Consumed 10,830 tons
Paint Used 1,359 gallons, Cost £1,165-3s-0d
Total Pay, Officers and Men £89,917-2s-9d
Deposit in P.O.S.B. £8,590-8s-6d
Withdrawn from P.O.S.B. £2,617-l s-8d
Currencies Held 11

Currency Held Onboard

Sterling Portuguese Escudos Bermudian Pounds
U.S. Dollar's Bahamian Pounds West Indies Dollars
Jamaican Pounds Colombian Pesos Venezuelan Bolivars
Canadian Dollars British Honduras Dollars   


Rum Consumed 7,229 pints or 57,832 tots
Dressed Ship Overall 22 times
Fired Rounds in Salute 390
Floodlit Ship 33 times.
West Indies Islands Visited 25


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