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 Dates for  your diary    Announcements click HERE  See our Executive & Members - Updated 30/07/2021
Are you serving or ex Royal Navy click HERE Hearts of Oak The Torbay Tribe
 Play and sing The RNA Song (Music & Lyrics) Battle of Trafalgar 2013 pictures RNA Visit to BRNC Dartmouth
Our Shipmates RIP Remembrance Parade 2013 Picture Commemorative Cover (70th Anniversary)
Current Newsletter (Ahoy Shipmate October 2021) 2015 Festive Lunch pictures     HM S/M Torbay - Freedom of Torbay    
Older newsletters (Ahoy Shipmate & Do You Hear There) 2015 Church Service Photographs HM S/M Torbay day trip pictures    
New Civic Society Blue Plaque in Torquay 2015 Trafalgar & 70th Anniversary Dinner    Shipmate Peter Brown's Naval Thanksgiving Service Sheet
Chairman - Shipmate John Soanes receives Life Membership  2016 Festive Lunch pictures    Annual RAFA Church Service
Dedication of Lt. Cmdr. Harrison's Memorial Pictures   2016 Annual Branch Picture     2017 HM S/M Torbay Decommissioning pictures   
Lt. Cmdr. Harrison's Memorial November 11th Pictures 2016 Battle of Trafalgar Dinner pictures June 6th D-Day pictures
The Christmas Shipmates   2017 Roundham Head Rededication Ceremony Our Ken - Pictures
Morrison's Collection Team 2017 Battle of Trafalgar Night Dinner Pictures Roundham Head Memorial April 28th, 2019 
Tony Mordaunt celebrates Black Tot Day 2018 Festive Lunch pictures Mayday auto fill form
August GM  Minutes 2018 Roundham Memorial Service Pictures

John Soanes Order of service

Remembrance Sunday 2021 Photographs 2018 Babbacombe Fair Pictures John Soanes Memorial Service
Veterans Orthopaedic Surgery   2018 Trafalgar Night Pictures    
    2019 Festive Lunch Pictures      
    2019 Roundham Memorial Pictures    
    2019 Babbacombe Fayre & Morrison pictures    
    2020 Festive Lunch Pictures    
    2020 Roundham Memorial Stone    
    2020 Roundham Memorial Stone Wreath April 19th    
    2020 Roundham Memorial June Clean up    
      75th Anniversary Lunch Under Construction    
    Some Interesting Naval Links    






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