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Once Navy - Always Navy



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Shipmates who have
"Crossed the Bar"




poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) George Sidney Hedges D 15/04/2000   poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) Evelyn Kite ?/03/2006
poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) Ted Heathfield ?/04/2006   poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) Mike Runham 16/04/2010
poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) Margaret Dennett 23/11/2010   poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) Harold Dutton 05/12/2010
poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) Dave Ashton 08/01/2011   poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) Ngaire Daniell 05/03/2012
poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) Admiral Sir David Williams GCB D 16/07/2012   poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) Lawrence Daniell 28/09/2012
poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) Robert (Bob) Dennett 11/10/2013   poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) Timothy Seaward 03/07/2014
poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) Peter Vernon Brown 22/10/2016   poppy3.gif (2662 bytes) David Cartwright 27/04/2018

D Past Chairman

D Past Patron - Former Governor General of Gibraltar

Danny's Memorial Service

Bob  Dennett's Memorial Service

We should also remember all those mariners
that gave their lives in the service of their countries.


On all the Oceans white caps flow, They have no crosses row on row, For those who sleep beneath the sea, They sleep in peace, Our country is free - WE WILL REMEMBER THEM


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