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Car Licence Plates

Following a  Royal Navy News item - featuring a Wren in Southern Ontario posing by her car with Licence Plate


I decided to publish some of the Royal Naval Association Southern Ontario, Toronto Naval Club Members' and other nautical plates.  If you know of an interesting or unusual one with a Nautical or Naval flavour, please let me know.  I was never able to track down the owner of the plate above, or acquire a picture of it.


Norrie Millen's Plate
Norrie Millen
RNA Southern Ontario

[Ex Royal Navy]

David A. Kemp
RNA Southern Ontario poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)
[EX Royal Navy Are You?]

Willie Kinnear's Plate
Willie Kinnear
RNA Southern Ontario poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)
[Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve]

Terry "Stacks" Heaps
RNA Southern Ontario
[Royal Navy ]

Peter Hartley
RNA Southern Ontario
[Ex CPO Royal Navy]
 [served on HMS Brave]

Bill Paterson's Plate
Bill Paterson  (RIP)poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)
RNA Southern Ontario
[Jock Royal Navy]

Don Ashfield
RNA Southern Ontario

[HMS Ganges]

Jim Bristow
RMA Ontario

[Chatham Royal Marine]

Bill Starr -New Zealand
[HMS King George V]

Harvie Wright
[Ex Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve]

Jimmy Marr (RIP)
poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)
[Royal Marine - Royal Canadian Navy Reserve]

Lt. Cdr. John McNally's  (RIP )poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)
RCNR (Retd)]

Jerry Sullivan
Naval Club Member
[HMCS Magnificent CVL 21]

John Snowdon's
[Our Ship]

Owner unknown
HMCS Haida 215

[Submitted by Jerry Sullivan]

Joe Kearney's
[28 year Vet RCN CPO]

Commander Bell
 CO H.M.C.S. Star

[Royal Canadian Navy Reserve]
[Submitted by Jerry Sullivan]

Andre Audet's
[survivor of HMCS Athabaskan  - G07 & German POW]
[Submitted by Jerry Sullivan]

S/M Art Reaume - Burlington
[ HMCS Magnificent & Bonaventure ]
[Submitted by Willie Kinnear]

S/M Alf Beeston
[HM Canadian Motor Torpedo Boats]

John Adrian's
[World War II Royal Marine]

Jimmy Keeghan
RMA London Ontario
[Scowser - Liverpool
Car plates spotted but no camera to capture image (See notes below)


Able Seaman Navy

Adrift (AWOL)

HMS Ajax (affiliated to Ajax Ontario)

HMCS Haida (G63)

Andy McCullough, CD,

Royal Marine/ US Marine Corp

Toronto & Halifax Airport Codes

Her Majesties Submarines
[Click on image to enlarge]
Sent in by Rod Winstanley UK.
[Front of his oppo's car in Nova Scotia]
Plates below are not personalized but may have some significance

Spotted in Whitby
[RNA - Royal Naval Association ?]
[Submitted by Sam Andrews]


Spotted in Ajax
[XRM - Ex Royal Marine ?]
[Submitted by Sam Andrews]
HMSUBS Unfortunately,  the owner of  sold his car with plate before I was able to photograph It.
Also spotted but with no camera:  
COMMANDR Spotted by Webmaster in Thornhill
RM USMC Spotted by Webmaster in Thornhill
AB NAVY Spotted by S/M Willie Kinnear in Burlington
AJAX 7 Spotted by S/M Willie Kinnear in Burlington

The above were all Ontario plates. If you know of owners and can obtain a picture for site it would be appreciated.

RCNR1 Andy McCullough, CD, HMCS HUNTER, Windsor, presented to him by his wife upon his appointment as XO a few years
ADRIFT A plate of a HMCS HUNTER  female Petty Officer
YYZ YHZ sent in by Robert & Diana McLennan, not nautical perhaps, but Diana explains they are airport codes for Toronto and Halifax, and they reflect their affinity for travel by any means to Nova Scotia, Rob's favourite Navy "home away from home"

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