MCCONNELL - Trelawny/Manchester, Jamaica Updated May 2017

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MCCONNELL - Trelawny/Manchester, Jamaica Updated May 2017

Post by annemr » Sun May 26, 2013 10:45 am

Mary McConnell was my great-great-great grandmother. She and her husband Hugh Reed built Bloomfield Great House near Mandeville.

(Father: David McConnell Mother: Ann Crew?) David McConnell was the son of Alexander McConnell and Jean Christie. He was born in 1761 in Wigtown, Scotland
HUGH REED (1778-1820)
(Father: William, parish of St James – died 1805)
Mary Ann and Hugh were married in Clarendon in 1806.

Mary Ann McConnell was born August 15, 1791 and baptised August 29, 1795 at Trelawny, Cornwall, Jamaica. Registers indicate Mary Ann was known as Marianna. Mary Ann died August 1832 and is buried in the St Mark's Anglican Churchyard in Mandeville.

Mary Ann's baptism took place the same day as Ann McConnell (born 14 Aug 1795) who married Abe Evans at Bloomfield 18 Dec 1820. Following his death, Ann then married Felix McCullough. She died in Kingston on Christmas Day in 1879.
Parents: David McConnell (deceased by 1817) married on 8th June, 1793 at Trelawny, Cornwall, Jamaica to Ann Crew
David McConnell had previously been on the Mosquito Shore, and is noted as living in England in 1792 in a Gazette.

Children of Mary Ann McConnell and Hugh Reed:
William born 9th October, 1808 baptised 25th August, 1809
- became Reverend William Reed.He studied at Oxford University and was ordained a priest in Jamaica in 1834 and acted as a chaplain to the military at Fort August, and also to the bishop. In 1841, he became the first Principal of the York & Ripon Diocesan Training School, England. Then in 1848 - Principal of the Training School,Carmarthen,Wales.
- Reverend William Reed became the guardian of his stepbrothers - Alexander Young jnr and Henry McConnell Young - and also his sister, Elizabeth who was known as Eliza, following the death of Alexander Young snr.
William Reed married Charlotte Polson.

David McConnell Reed born 8th August, 1810 at Moco Plantation, parish of Clarendon Baptised at Brumalia on 22nd September, 1815 with his brother and two cousins - John Reed Hollingsworth and George Turner Reed.
- became Dr David McConnell Reed in 1831 and practised in Jamaica, Porto Rico and Havannah before becoming a ship's surgeon and travelling to Australia several times. In the mid-1850s he went to England and became a homeopathic physician.
- He married first Caroline Le Neve, then Susanna Harriet Hine (nee Dewes).

Hugh Reed born 30th November, 1812 at Bloomfield Plantation, parish of Vere Baptised at Brumalia on 22nd September, 1815 with his brother and two cousins - John Reed Hollingsworth and George Turner Reed
- became Reverend Hugh Reid, Island Curate – wife – Mary Elizabeth Taylor
Son – John Montgomery Reed – born 20 Dec, 1845 baptised by his father 11 Jan, 1846, Parish of Clarendon
Son – Hugh Aubrey Duncan Reed – baptised 21 Mar, 1844 Parish of Vere buried 1844 Parish of Manchester
Daughter – Mary Elizabeth Reed – born 3 Jan, 1853, baptised by her father Feb 20, 1853

Charles born December 21, 1817 baptised Jan 20, 1818 buried 18 Feb 1818 Parish of Manchester

Elizabeth Howell Reid born Feb 21st, 1820 baptised Mar 6, 1820 Parish of Manchester
Known as Eliza, she appears in the 1841 UK Census living with her brother, William's, parents-in-law in St Pancras, London.

The baptism entry before that of David and Hugh occurred on the same day at Brumalia:
John Reed Hollingsworth, born 7th June, 1811, the son of David Hollingsworth Esquire of Brumalia Coffee Plantation in the parish of Vere in Carpenters Mountains and of Ann, his wife (who was the daughter of William Reid Senior, Esquire, late of White Chapel in the parish of Clarendon, and of Mary (his wife)

The baptism entry immediately following David and Hugh is:
George Turner Reed, born on 8th December, 1813 at Green Pond in the parish of Clarendon, the son of George Reed Esquire now of Retrieve Coffee Plantation in the parish of Vere, and of Temperance, his wife, the daughter of George Brown Esquire and Mary Cox??, his wife…
35 people (described as negroes) were then baptised and are recorded as belonging to David Hollingsworth (including a John Reed)
6 people (described as negroes) were baptised belonging to Hugh Reed (including a William McConnell and a Maria Reed) as well

July 23, 1820 – Parish of Manchester
22 slaves belonging to Mrs H Reid were baptised – including William Reed, Thomas Hugh Reed, John Reed, Elizabeth Reed, Mary Reed and Eliza McConnell

MARY ANN MCCONNELL (married as Mary Ann Reid – widow) died August 1832
Married Dec 28, 1824
ALEXANDER YOUNG (of St Catherine) died Jan 1836 and is buried in the churchyard of the cathedral in Spanish Town, St Catherine

Alexander McConnell Young born 11 Nov, 1825 baptised 11 January, 1829 Abode: Bloomfield (Came to Australia in 1855... My great-great grandfather)

Henry McConnell Young born 18 May, 1829 baptised 1 July, 1829 Abode: Bloomfield
(Henry’s marriage certificate to Martha Elizabeth Hewes states his father was a barrister, so perhaps he was an attorney in Jamaica???)
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Re: MCCONNELL - Trelawny, Jamaica

Post by McConnell » Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:00 am

I am also researching my ancestors, who include Mary Ann McConnell, daughter of David McConnell & Ann Crew. I have been to Wigtown in Scotland, & found the grave of David McConnell's parents, Alexander McConnell & his wife Jean Christie. David was born in 1761 in Wigtown & somehow found his way to Jamaica, where he married Ann Crew in 1793. They had two daughters, Mary Ann, born/baptized in 1795 & Jean Holmes born 1796.
David's wife, Ann Crew McConnell died in Trelawny in 1801. Ann died in 1801 & in 1808 David remarried to Sarah Jackson. I am descended from their son, Thomas McConnell, born in 1809.
I am very keen to share whatever information I have on the family.

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Re: MCCONNELL - Trelawney/Manchester, Jamaica

Post by McConnell » Fri Jan 10, 2014 3:58 am

Hello, I believe there are two different McConnell Family branches in Australia that descended from the McConnells of Jamaica who were originally from Wigtown, Scotland. I am working on the Family Tree and would love to exchange some information. I have been to Wigtown, Scotland & visited the grave sites of Alexander & Jean McConnell. I have seen the record of the birth of their son, David McConnell, b 1761. I am trying to find out how & when he emigrated to Jamaica. I do know that he married Ann Crew there in 1793 and have some information on his life from then on. Please share any information you may have.
Thanks, Jinx

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Re: MCCONNELL - Trelawney/Manchester, Jamaica

Post by McConnell » Sat Jan 11, 2014 3:05 am

We are related! Please read my posts from my side of the McConnell family from Jamaica & Wigtown, Scotland. I would love to share info!
Bloomfield Great House is still open - apparently an excellent restaurant. Good for Hugh & Mary Ann! Jinx

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Re: MCCONNELL - Trelawney/Manchester, Jamaica

Post by annemr » Mon Jan 13, 2014 12:52 pm

Hello, Jinx! I sent you a personal message with my personal contact details on it... :D it would be fantastic if we could talk to each other.

David McConnell was in the military after his marriage to Ann Crew. But... at the time of his marriage he was a merchant. There were other McConnells in the military and had large landholdings at the time. I believe there are prominent McConnells in Jamaica still... But don't know whether they are descendants of David.


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Re: MCCONNELL - Trelawny/Manchester, Jamaica

Post by McConnell » Tue Jan 14, 2014 3:15 am

Hello Anne! How do I pick up a personal post? New to this. I would love to speak or email you personally. I am one of the McConnells of Jamaica. Yes they are still there, and we are definitely descended from David McConnell of Wigtown, Scotland. He married Anne Crew in 1793 in Trelawny, and they had a daughter, Mary Anne McConnell, who married Hugh Reid. Mary Anne & Hugh Reid built Bloomfield Great House in Manchester in 1811. They were were coffee planters. They had several sons & one daughter & after Hugh Reid died, Mary Ann married Alexander Young in 1824 and they had a son, Alexander Young, who emigrated to Australia. (Is this your ancestor?)

After Anne Crew died in 1801 David remarried to Sarah Jackson in Trelawny and they had Thomas McConnell b 1809 (my ancestor) and a daughter, Sarah Jean, b 1811. I need help with Thomas McConnell. Do you have any info on him? I believe he married Susan Hall & their son, Thomas David McConnell, was born in 1830. There is a blank in my tree until 1860 when Thomas McConnell (his son?) & his wife, Elizabeth Smart Haughton Reid, Christened their daughter, Mary Georgiana. A second daughter, Thomasina Rebecca McConnell was Christened in 1863, and their son, David George Haughton McConnell (my Grandfather) was Christened in 1866.

I was born in Jamaica in 1946, married John McDonald, had three children, then moved to the States. I now live in Naples, Florida, as do my two sisters & my two daughters & their families. I am an Interior Designer and my Company is Jinx McDonald Interior Designs Inc. (You can probably google me) Both daughters work for me & Naples is a wonderful place! I am going to a McConnell Family Gathering in Jamaica in May to present them with my photos of finding Alexander's & Jean's graves in Wigtown, Scotland last Summer, and a completed Family Tree, which is giving me no end of trouble! I would be grateful for any help you can give me. Please try reaching me again. We aren't supposed to post our personal information here, so how do you do it? Jinx

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McCONNELL - Trelawny/Manchester, Jamaica Updated Nov 2017

Post by billybudgie » Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:14 am

I've been researching my husband's family for some years now but just recently -- November 2017 -- received DNA confirmation of his family link to Milborough Greaves Linton through the McConnell line! Jinx and Anne, I think I have corresponded in the past with you both but at that stage there was no proof of a connection; however now we can be sure! Happy to chat with any relatives in this line, via PM, if you would like to contact me. (Still unsure quite how this works.) I'm also available via Ancestry, if that's of help.

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Re: MCCONNELL - Trelawny/Manchester, Jamaica Updated May 2

Post by bimjim » Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:13 pm

To communicate privately, with someone who has Posted, look to the right of THEIR Post for the PM icon, which looks like this...
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Click on that icon, and it will take you to a Private Message form with the destination already set up, just type and send. There are no limitations on what can be in that message. That form also allows attachments.


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