GRAVER - Jamaica, Panama

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GRAVER - Jamaica, Panama

Postby dbrodie » Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:34 pm

Hi, My name is Donna. I am researching the Last name Graver. My Graver's are from Jamaica.

William Gruber b. 1825 was a German from Germany. He jumped Ship in Jamaica at the age of 16. Shortly after, he changed his name to Graver to avoid conscription in to the German Army.

He married a woman named Ann Dodd, a native of Jamaica (Arawak Indian). William and Ann had two children that I am aware of. My GG Grandfather, Henry Dodd Graver and Ann Wilson Dodd.

Henry Dodd Graver married Hannah Saraphine Graver and they had roughly 8 children. Vida, Michael, Henry, Victoria, Ledina or Adina, Rupert, Kathleen and Harwold.

Michael and Rupert migrated to the United States in the early 1900's. Both lived in US and died in the US.

The rest stayed in Jamaica. Kathleen married a man with the last name Blake. They owned a plantation and a few brothels. I believe Victoria came to the US and moved to NY. I am not certain if she married. I can't find any info on her. All I know is that she committed suicide. I don't know how or when. I don't know anything about Vida, Henry Ledina/Adina.

Henry Dodd Graver and Hannah migrated to Panama to work on the Panama Canal. Harwold (Harry) went with them. Harry was killed in the streets of Panama at the age of 19. Hannah Saraphine Leslie graver died in Panama in 1938.

If anyone has any info.. it would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Thank you kindly for reading.
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