GAY - Barbados

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GAY - Barbados

Postby MazzaB » Sat Nov 05, 2011 2:06 pm

Hubert Lee GAY was a cousin to John Mead BARCHUS in 1911 when he lodged with him at Maesteg, South Wales UK. On the 1911 census it is stated that John was born on Montserrat and Hubert in Barbados.

I think that they may have worked their passage together to the UK around the late 1890s and found work in the coal mines, but may be they travelled independently? John is my husband's Grandfather, who sadly, we know nothing about his roots and who we have no idea what he even looked like!

Nothing is known about their lives before they arrived on the UK shores and I would love to know more about them and their families back in the West Indies. Please get in touch if you have any info which could help me trace them.
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Re: GAY - Barbados

Postby bimjim » Sat Nov 05, 2011 4:32 pm

Here is the International Genealogical Index... ... ch_IGI.asp

There are 421 GAY names listed, most for Barbados, but none for a Hubert Gay nor for a male Lee Gay (although there is a female Lee Gay).

Mount Gay is the name of one of the earliest - and what is now probably one of the most famous brands - of Caribbean rum. Here is a Wikipedia extract for Mount Gay Rum...

    Mount Gay Rum is named for Sir John Gay Alleyne, 1st Baronet of Four Hill. Sir John Gay Alleyne was a trusted friend of John Sober, who inherited the Mount Gilboa Plantation/Distilleries from his father William Sandiford in 1747. Sir John Gay Alleyne agreed to become the manager of the company at John Sober's request. Sir John Gay Alleyne was so effective at leading the company, and earned such a widely-respected reputation internationally as a business manager and community leader, that the company was renamed in his honour after his passing in 1801 at the proposal of his longtime friend John Sober, whose estate benefited greatly over the years under Sir John Gay Alleyne's effective management.

According to "Genealogies of Barbados Families", Sir John Gay Alleyne's mother was Elizabeth Gay - which is where he got is middle name from.

Mount Gay estate is/was in the parish of St. Lucy, so you may be able to start your tree-building by documenting those names and then expanding from there.

If your Hubert Gay was a negro, it is also possible that he was not related to the estate owners at all but that his (ex-slave) family took their surname from that white planter family at emancipation (ca.1835) when everyone without a surname adopted one.

Using Google, one of the first links returned was for a Hubert Lee Gay listed on the cenotaph for Bitterne, Southampton, in the UK...

If you would like to contact a researcher in Barbados, I can recommend an excellent person - just let me know.
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Re: GAY - Barbados

Postby MazzaB » Sat Nov 05, 2011 6:55 pm

Thanks for that - yes I had heard about the rum company - my son alerted me to this!

I have found some UK contact for the GAY family here but very distant connection and yes they were negro. That is probably him on the cenotaph - thanks for the link.

The other family names which crop up with Hubert in south wales were BARCHUS and BROWN from Montserrat and Jamaica respectively. I will just have to keep looking - someone has to be somewhere!!
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