MAYERS - Barbados

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MAYERS - Barbados

Postby bimjim » Wed May 05, 2010 2:20 pm

It has been suggested that I am related to MAYERS in Barbados, before 1800.

If any relation of John Pollard MAYERS, b.1777, son of Joseph MAYERS and Mary Lynch ADAMS, is reading this and/or knows of a relationship of Joseph MAYERS with Mary Lynch ADAMS which produced (or adopted) Hamlet Mayers LYNCH, please respond here or send me a PM (Private Message) through this Index.

Here's a family structure I have collected... if anyone can contribute to enlarging that Tree (backwards or forwards) I'd appreciate it.


Joseph Mayers

-Family 1 Ann Hearne Pollard
---Married 03 Feb 1774 Saint Michael, Barbados
---1. John Pollard Mayers, c.27 Mar 1777, Saint Michael, Barbados
------Family Ann
---------1. John Mayers, c.24 Feb 1801, St. Michael, Barbados
---------2. Henry Mayers, c.30 May 1804, St. Michael, Barbados
---------3. Frances Mayers, c.16 Aug 1805, St. Michael, Barbados

-Family 2 Mary Lynch Adams
---Married 28 Oct 1781 Christ Church, Barbados
---1(??). Hamlet Mayers Lynch, b.ABT. 1769, Barbados,
---------d.15 Nov 1852, St. Michael, Barbados Aged 83
---2. Henry Adams Mayers, c.21 Aug 1782, Saint Michael, Barbados, Caribbean,
---------d.19 Oct 1836, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
---------Family Caroline Seyliard
---------1. Caroline Seyliard Mayers, c.13 May 1811, St. Michael, Barbados
---3. Eleanora Lynch Mayers, c.24 Jan 1784, Saint Michael, Barbados,
---------d.25 Apr 1843, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
---4. Conrade Mayers, c.15 May 1785, Saint Michael, Barbados
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Re: MAYERS - Barbados

Postby grandmotherowl » Sat Feb 26, 2011 11:21 pm

I have just joined and read your post which did interest me. I am also researching Mayers Barbados and your Family 1 seems to ring a bell. My family Mayers is also from St Michael but the only information I have is my father in law is Clyde Henry Mayers born 2 Sept 1927 and died 8th Dec 2005, His father was Henri Edward Mayers no date of birth. Clyde had 2 brothers Kenneth & Frederick and 2 sisters Grace and Judy. Have you got any descendants for your Henty Mayers born 30 May 1804. Just a coincidence may be but Henri seems predominent in all names. You also have an Henry Adams Mayers born 28 Aug 1782 also born in St Michael. Have you got any descendants for him. Worth checking. Many thanks.
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Re: MAYERS - Barbados

Postby bimjim » Sat Feb 26, 2011 11:51 pm


My quest is for the reason my ancestor is named Hamlet Mayers Lynch... I still do not know what the relationship is between Lynch and Mayers, and it could be that Hamlet's parents (still unknown for sure) were close friends with or in business with a Mayers and gave their son that middle name. That is where my own middle name came from!!

However, in my research I always made note of what i came across that may have been of interest in the future, and here is what I have in my database...

1 Mayers, Caroline Seyliard [m.Hyndman] c.13 May 1811 St. Michael, Barbados
2 Mayers, Conrade c.15 May 1785 Saint Michael, Barbados
3 Mayers, Eleanora Lynch c.24 Jan 1784 Saint Michael, Barbados
4 Mayers, Elizabeth
5 Mayers, Elizabeth c.23 May 1764 St. Philip, Barbados
6 Mayers, Frances c.16 Aug 1805 St. Michael, Barbados
7 Mayers, George Richard Beckles c.14 Aug 1769 St. Philip, Barbados
8 Mayers, Henry c.30 May 1804 St. Michael, Barbados
9 Mayers, Henry Adams c.21 Aug 1782 Saint Michael, Barbados, Caribbean
10 Mayers, Jane Waith b.1792
11 Mayers, John
12 Mayers, John
13 Mayers, John
14 Mayers, John c.12 Sep 1746 St. Philip, Barbados
15 Mayers, John c.27 Sep 1762 Saint Philip, Barbados
16 Mayers, John c.01 Jun 1792 St. Philip, Barbados
17 Mayers, John c.24 Feb 1801 St. Michael, Barbados
18 Mayers, John c.16 Feb 1807 St. Michael, Barbados
19 Mayers, John Pollard c.27 Mar 1777 Saint Michael, Barbados
20 Mayers, John William c.27 Dec 1792 St. Philip, Barbados
21 Mayers, Joseph
22 Mayers, Joseph
23 Mayers, Joseph c.11 Oct 1789 St. Philip, Barbados
24 Mayers, Joseph c.22 Aug 1792 St. Joseph, Barbados
25 Mayers, Joseph Nesfield c.06 Mar 1802 St. Josph, Barbados
26 Mayers, Mary Ann c.14 Jan 1773 St. Philip, Barbados
27 Mayers, Pearce Waith c.03 Nov 1803 St. Philip, Barbados
28 Mayers, Thomas
29 Mayers, Thomasin Christ Church, Barbados
30 Mayers, Will
31 Mayers, William Pearce c. 28 May 1787 St. Philip, Barbados
32 Mayers, Zachariah

I am also in touch with THREE present day Mayers, two of whom I know are related. One is in Vancouver (Canada), one in the USA,and one in Australia (and she has a brother in Ottawa). If you wish I can pass your query on to them and let them contact you directly.


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Re: MAYERS - Barbados

Postby grandmotherowl » Sun Feb 27, 2011 12:11 am

Thanks for your prompt reply. I would appreciate if you could pass on my details to the Mayers you know so if they wish they can contact me directly. My side of Mayers are dying rapidly around me and before it is too late I want to record that side of the family to my great grandchildren. With many thanks.
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