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Postby bimjim » Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:20 pm

Frederick Christopher BAMESS. A coloured man, who appeared to be educated.
(Information collected from The Bermuda Archives office, Hamilton, Bermuda, Genealogist C.C. Hollis-Hallett in 1981 and from his Death Certificate which was registered in Milparinka, N.S.W. Australia.)

9 Feb 1832 Bapt. Christopher age 6 months (Coloured) Holy Trinity Church, Hamilton Parish
Bermuda (no Parents named).
28.01.1838 Benjamin Thomas BAMUS to Polly of Warwick St. Mary’s Church, Warwick (microfilm 23)
1839 Ann BAMUS, dau of Mingo
19.09.1841 Bapt. Benjamin James son of Patience BEMIS, Pembroke Church (Unfilmed)
14.08.1842 Bapt. Mary Jane BAMOS to Polly of Warwick (Microfilm 23)
02.06.1844 Bapt. Robert William Albert Lighbourn BAMOS, son of Mary (Microfilm 23)
27.03.1845 Bapt. Amelia Douglas BAMUS, dau of Amelia and Henry BAMUS, Deputy Commissary
General, St. Peter’s Church (Microfilm 81)
05.08.1850 Born Susanna Raynor dau of Rachel Jane BAYMES bapt 02.03.1851, Pembroke Church.
03.09.1850 Burial Frederick BAMUS at St. Mark’s church, Smith’s Parish, 66 yrs (Film 98)
18.05.1858 Death Mrs Ann Packwood 88 yrs. Died in Pembroke Parish (Royal Gazette 1/6/1858)
29.03.1859 Death Brown ONLY aged 45 yrs. Died after a painful illness leaving a wife and son.
(dated 5th Apl, 1859)
11.03.1862 Marriage Ann BAMUS, spinster, residing in the house of Mr. Bluck, Pembroke, dau of
Mingo BAMUS, married to Thomas ONLY, Labourer, residing in the house of (illegible)
Pembroke, at Wesley Methodist Church, Hamilton, (Wesley Church Film 267 and
Bermuda Royal Gazette 1862, March 18)
30.04.1874 Marriage . Mrs Ann Packwood ONLY, aged 37, widow to Thomas DILL aged 50 ys,
Widower, both of Pembroke, at the British Episcopal Church. (Registry
General Marriages, 855, and Royal Gazette, 5 May, 1874).
13.07.1895 Death Mrs. Anna Dill, aged 56. In Paget Parish. Her mother’s name was given as
Patience RICHARDSON. (Registry Gen Deaths 10.602)
.. Mrs Hollis-Hallett wrote and said ‘most of these Pembroke entries are in the ‘Coloured’ Registers.

(Some of the above information may or may not be relevant to Frederick Christopher.BAMESS who named his children, Frederick, Henry Brown, Benjamin James and his first daughter, Patience, as if he wanted to connect to his past)

Death Registered in New South Wales, Australia
6140 No. 4. Date: - 6th May, 1898. Place of Death Milperinka, New South Wales, Australia.
Name and Occupation. :-FREDERICK CHRISTOPHER BAMESS Stone Mason
Sex:- Male 66 years Cause of Death:- Pneumonia, Heart Failure
Duration of illness:- 3 weeks. Medical attendant:- Roland Maclean, 5th May, 1898
Name and Occupation of father :- DOEMINGO BAMESS occ Unknown
Maiden Name of Mother:- PAITIENCE BROWN
Informant:- Certified by S.C. Bamess, Wife, Milperinka, N.S.W.
When and where buried:- 8th May 1898 General Cemetery, Mount Browne, near Milperinka.
(Milperinka should read Milparinka).
Where born:- Bermooda, West Indies.
How long in Australian Colonies:- 38 years New South Wales.
Place of Marriage and to whom.:- Sydney. 30 years. SELINA CLARA ALDER
Children of Marriage:- 10 Children named alive when he died.”

I have searched for a place named BERMOODA in the West Indies without success. I have assumed it was meant as BERMUDA. Today there are still people who think Bermuda is in the West Indies.

His original name could have been BAMOS, BAMUS etc.

Selina wrote that Frederick Christopher BAMESS was born April 1832.

I have tried unsuccessfully to find their Marriage certificate; she also wrote that they were married in Sydney N.S.W. Australia, on 25 November 1863.

According to his death Cert. he had spent 38 years in N.S.W. He must have arrived in N.S.W. 8 years before he married, possibly 1855.

One of his Grandchildren remembers being told he lived in Jamaica before coming to Australia.
How he arrived in Australia and from where, I have no idea.

I cannot find a FREDERICK CHRISTOPHER BAMESS, (or BAMOS, BAMUS) on any of the passenger lists coming into Australia. This was the Gold Rush period and things were chaotic in the Harbours around Australia. Many shipping lists are not available. Sometimes the members of a crew were not recorded.

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