GRAY, Henny Scott - Jamaica, Cog Hall, Rural Hill

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GRAY, Henny Scott - Jamaica, Cog Hall, Rural Hill

Postby dorrmckenzie » Sun Oct 28, 2007 8:06 pm

Update: I've located my maternal gg-grandmother Henny Scott/Heneritta Scott 1820-1911. Born on Frances Speed's plantation in Rural Vale and died in Cog Hall/Rural Hill. I have also located her mother Ann alias Nancy Williams b. abt. 1789 and Ann's mother Molly alias Mary Thomas b. abt. 1777.. also Mary's mother Peggy alias Margaret Speed. Thanks to Ancestory.Com and the schedule return of slaves 1812-1834.

My attention now is focus on the individual HENRIETTA THOMPSON who was with Henny Scott when she died. Who was Heneritta Thompson ? How was she related ?. I am told that Henny Scott and the Thompsons are related. Most of the parish death certificates I found at LDS tells of the relationship between the person at the bedside and the deceased. This one just did not.

Some of the children of: Molly alias Mary Thomas
Duke alias Richard Hardy b. abt; 1891
Nancy alias Ann Williams b. abt; 1789
William Kerr b. abt 1821

Children: Nancy alias Ann Williams
Mary Eliza Hibbert b. 1806
Charles Panton b. 1817
Henny Scott b. 1820
Possibly a Molly Thomas b 1826

Henny Scott's children:
Sarah Ann Gray b. abt; 1848
Alexander Gray b. abt; 1862

If anyone is connected to these people please let me know. I will post Peggy Margaret Speeds other children later.

Thanks much,
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Grey/Gray Families

Postby Shellie » Mon Oct 29, 2007 1:26 am

Hi Doritt, My mom is a Grey of Jamaica. I have heard talk of the Grays in Portland but will have to confirm with her. I am almost 100% positive that they are the same family.
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Stephen Agustus Gray

Postby dorrmckenzie » Wed Oct 31, 2007 6:35 pm

Hello again Shellie,

My maternal mother's family is Scott/Gray. Henrietta Scott married a ? Gray. I don't know very many of this family, especially the Scotts, I've called her (Henny) the elusive one. There's Sarah Ann Gray b. 1848..d. 1932, Alexander Gray b. 1862..d. 1958, and another child unknown to myself and others was sent to St; Mary. This may be Stephen.. he may be a son or grandson.

Sarah Ann's children:
Margaret Gray b.1887...married Alfred Morris
Male Gray b.1884
Eleanor Gray b.? d. in Port Antonio

Alexander's children:
Henrietta Gray b. ?
Margaret Panton/Gray b.1892 d. 1962...married John Miller
Rosey Panton/Gray b. 1906 d. 1984..unmarried

The G-grand mother and G-grand uncle are out of St Thomas in the East before the island became 14 parishes. They went to Long Bay, Priestman River District and then (Sarah and Alexander) to Pleasant Hill, Kensington, Manchioneal District where they died.

For some reason I think there's an Elizabeth and Ann Gray relationship here. Maybe you can tell me something about Henny Scott.

I hope I am of some help.

Best Regards,
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