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Re: MCNISH - Antigua

Postby valdemar » Sun Oct 18, 2015 3:18 pm

Looking over the 1918 Draft Registration for Walter Leopold McNish I see that his occupation at that time was "Waiter"...makes me think that the 2 Walters are one and the same person, especially since the Walter in Kings County Jail also had a daughter named Florence (possibly after his sister). Walter might have run into a little fracas with a customer, was put in jail for a short term; if the Antiguans are anything like the Barbadians (I am Bajan, emigrated when I was 17) they don't take too kindly to being pushed around, or being "talked down" to...and If you know about the very complicated class structure in the West Indies (especially in those days), it must have been very difficult for Walter to work as a "waiter" and very possible for him to have had a "run in" with a customer.
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Re: MCNISH - Antigua

Postby johnlane » Mon Oct 19, 2015 1:41 pm

I have ordered Walters death certificate. Hopefully that may shed some light on whether there is one Walter or two. Not sure that the same occupation is enough proof that there is only one, especially since their years are different.

Based on past experience, takes about 4-6 weeks to receive the certificate.
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Re: MCNISH - Antigua

Postby johnlane » Sun Nov 01, 2015 5:49 am

Details from death certificates:

Walter McNish
Certificate No: 5922
Social Security No: 050-03-8244 . (Note: same SSN as Walter Leopold McNish)
Address: 99 Autumn Ave Brooklyn
Wife: Bella
DoB: March 12 1884 . (Note: some records list his year of birth as 1882 and other records 1884)
Age 64 years, 1 day
Occupation: Salesman
Birth Place: British West Indies
Citizen of: England
Father: Robert
Father's Birth Place: British West Indies
Mother: Rebecca Brodie . (Note: He listed his mother as Rebecca Gregory, on US social security application ( Brodie may be her second given name))
Mother's Birth Place : British West Indies
Place of Death: Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn
Length of stay: 1 month, 4 days
DoD: 13th March 1948
Sex: Male
Colour: White
Informant: Bella McNish, wife, 99 Autumn Ave Brooklyn
Burial: Cypress Hills Cemetery

Brodie R McNish
Registration: 1068
Address: 559 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn
Sex: male
Colour: White
Age: 36
Occupation: Starter – JRRG (???)
Birth Place: British west Indies
How long in New York: 20 years
Father: Robert McNish
Father's Birthplace: Scotland
Mother: Jane Gregory
Mother's Birth Place: England
DoD: 11th Jan 1918
Cause of death: Gas poisoning (suicide)
Place of death: 559 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn:
Buried: Evergreens cemetery
Informant: Walter McNish, Brother

Even though differences in their parent details, pretty sure that Brodie and Walther are brothers and that Florence is their sister. They were mostly likely born the same in year 1882 (??) (and could have been twins?). Their parents died when they were very young, so they may not even have remembered their parents.
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Re: MCNISH - Antigua

Postby valdemar » Sun Nov 01, 2015 5:01 pm

Thanks John for the latest. I agree with you on the three being related. The one confusing bit of information is the birthplace of Walter & Brodie R. McNish's parents; the former shows parents being born in the British West Indies & the latter father born in Scotland & mother in England. No matter, they are all related, not much doubt in my mind, but with the lack of records existing in Antigua & the inaccuracy in some of the records, it is going to be very difficult to solve the "birthplace" issue.
The records on film (Antigua) only seem to be 1856 -1862. I have had a response from the Archives, and referred to another department of government; plan on giving it a try with those three names to see if I get any sort of positive response. They only gave me a mailing address, cannot seem to get an e-mail from them. Going to get in touch with Phillip Abbott in Antigua to see if he can help me in getting an e-mail address.
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