HANCOCK - Saint Barthélemy

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HANCOCK - Saint Barthélemy

Postby Joanlouise » Mon Nov 09, 2015 3:10 am

I have located a maternal great grandfather Alexander Hancock who lists his country of origin on crew lists for ships sailing to Australia in the 1870's and '80's as Saint Barthélemy. He died in 1885 in the Marine Hospital San Francisco at aged 45 so was presumably born in the 1840's. Physical evidence of descendants and some DNA testing (and there are no known direct male descendants - one surviving daughter, my grandmother born in London) suggest that he had some African ancestry. Does anyone have any Saint Barthélemy Hancock information, please? Access to records is somewhat complicated as Sweden governed the Island for some time and was succeeded by France. Many of the records seem to be in France and I'm in Australia.

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Re: HANCOCK - Saint Barthélemy

Postby jeromesbh » Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:44 pm

all i can find with the civil registry available . are :

Alexander HANCOCK living in Gustavia with a Marguerite LAURENT (ca.1808 - 1892) with a least one daughter Louisa, born circa 1841 in Gustavia, died in Gustavia 17th August 1900.
Alexander HANCOCK living in Gustavia, taylor, living with a Louis ROGERS (ca. 1827 - 1887)
nothing else, sorry...
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Re: HANCOCK - Saint Barthélemy

Postby Joanlouise » Fri Mar 09, 2018 1:40 am

Thank you so much Jerome sbh, and I apologise for my late acknowledgement. I think you have found my great great grandfather although the birth of his son Alexander has not been located or perhaps not even recorded. The record of my great grandmother’s marriage in London includes her husband, Alexander’s father, also Alexander, who was a tailor. So that is another valuable piece of information to add to the family record.

I am unclear about where you located this information as I don’t know where the Civil Register is located. Is it in Aix en Provence where they seem to working hard to sort out the records they have there? I have tried accessing this through the internet but am somewhat hampered by having limited French and I suspect, the paucity and confusion of the records. I am also trying to get access to per Tingbrand’s book Who Was Who In St Bartholemew but this will prove a lengthy process as I am in Australia and library copies in English are in Sweden, Germany and Salt Lake City, and the latter one does not lend. I have a a small photocopied section of some Hancock entries which were kindly forwarded to me by historian in St Bart’s.

I have also found mention of Alexander Hancock in an Doctrate dissertation by Ale Paulsson, Our Side of the Water (2106) which is on the internet via Stockholm University. He mentions and Alexander Hancock a member of a militia which was non- European, and signed a petition against the then governor in 1810.

Thank you again for your trouble. Incidentally, both my father and his father were Jerome, a name not common in Australia, but part of my paternal French ancestry.

Joan Creati
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