LUISFIAS, LUIS FIAS - Fajardo, Puerto Rico

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LUISFIAS, LUIS FIAS - Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Postby errehc » Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:04 pm


Searching for further information on the following line(s):

Manuel Correa bc: 1800 m: Francisca Cintron/Luisfias (depending on the record you're looking at) bc:1800
Child: Carmen Correa Cintron bc: 1830 in Fajardo, Puerto Rico m: Cayetano Suarez Curbelo bc: 1840 in Naguabo, Puerto Rico
Children: Manuel de Jesus Suarez Correa b: 1859 in Vieques, Puerto Rico and Anicasia Suarez Correa bc: 1862 in Vieques, Puerto Rico

Note: Francisca Cintron/Luisfias' surname is in question because it's given as 'Cintron' on one record and 'Luisfias' on another. I really don't know which name is correct. Her daughter's maternal surname is given as Carmen Correa Cintron on her daughter's grandson's baptismal record. And her paternal surname is given as 'Luisfias' on her own grandson's baptismal record. One would 'assume' the daughter in each case providing information would know her own mother's surname ~ so I don't know which surname is correct.

In any case, thanks for your time! Any thoughts would be appreciated! Take care and Good Luck in your own searches!
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Re: LUISFIAS, LUIS FIAS - Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Postby errehc » Fri Mar 15, 2013 11:19 pm

Ok, did some more checking ... re-looked at the actual record in question and am now wondering IF Luisfias could actually be two words ... "Luis" and "Fias". My first thought was 'no' because it doesn't look to me like the "F" in "Fias" is capitalized and there doesn't appear to be a space between the two words the way they are written. And the writer appeared from the rest of the record to have taken great pains to write clearly. (Unusual in and of itself, I know.) In any case, the reason I'm rethinking it is when I searched the web nothing at all comes up when you search the word "Luisfias". But when you put "Fias" in, it is recognized as a surname. Not widely used, but a surname nevertheless. So now I'm wondering if the lady in question's name was actually "Francisca Luis Fias y Cintron". Or it could have been "Francisca Luis y Fias de Cintron". Or "Francisca Luis de Fias" at one point in her life and "Francisca Luis de Cintron" at another. Funny how the same four names can have such different meanings! In any case, any info, thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks! And good luck in your own searches!



I am continuing to search for other children/grandchildren's records to see if I can get clarification that way.
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