LISLE - Puerto Rico, USVI

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LISLE - Puerto Rico, USVI

Postby benart2 » Sun Feb 05, 2012 8:38 pm

Many French citizens migrated to Puerto Rico after the 1815 Spanish Edict which allowed non-Catholic Persons from other countries to enter the island and obtain parcels of land for development at little or no cost. A woman by the name of Ana Lisle appears among those listed as seeking such lands in the area of San Juan. Other migrants with the surname Lisle had migrated to the Virgin Isles, some of them related to a well-known Philadelphia family. Perhaps these were related to a Captain of Artillery by that name who had fought under George Washington in the 1780's. An ancestor of mine whose last name was Nunez was married to a member of the Lisle family. She had been given a pension in Spain after her husband died while in service in the Spanish Army, which included many French and Irish officers. Descendants of the Nunez-Lisle family settled in Puerto Rico and married citizens in many towns on the island.
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