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Looking for Garcia,Roldan"Jordan"- Anasco Puerto R

PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 2:38 pm
by ljswisko
I am looking for any one that might have known anyone in my family. I am Lucy, daughter of Nydia Garcia and Mario Ortiz (Comerio PR); Granddaughter of Juanita Garcia (Roldan/Jordan) and Juan Garcia (Caguas PR); Grand Niece of Reina Roldan (Jordan) Anasco; 3rd cousin Emilio y Tomasita Morales. Those are just some of the relatives that I know of. I am eldest of, Nydia (Garcia) Ortiz Marquez, ten children -
Lucy, Jane, Betsey. Cathy, Sharon, John, Henry-Lee, Yancy, Jacqueline, Shiela.
My father is from Comerio Puerto Rico, and I once met my grandfather there with his present wife. And I am sure that I have lots of cousins there. I am also related to Emilio Y Tomasita Morales of Rio Piedra.
I would appreciate any information.

Lucy JoAnne (Ortiz) Bevers