Various O'Neill's of Puerto Rico

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Various O'Neill's of Puerto Rico

Post by Miles Hispaniae » Sat Apr 26, 2008 3:45 pm

Felipe O'Neill Carana b.1844 second marriage to Fransisca Garcia Cecilio b. 1867 parents of

All born also in Hato Nuevo, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
Evariso O'Neill Garcia b. 1903, Presentacion O'Neill Garcia b.1904, Aselma (Aureliana) O'Neill Garcia b. 1905, Guillermo O'Neill Garcia b. 1906, Cipriano O'Neill Garcia b.1908

These O’Neill’s parents were born in the Island of Barbados they settled in the Island of Viques, Puerto Rico.

Born in Puerto Rico Eugenio O’Neill b.1863, Guillermo O’Neill b.1894, Juan Antero O’Neill b. 1903, Joaquim O’Neill b. 1905, Demetria O'Neill b. 1896, Josefa O’Neill b. 1897, Eduardo O’Neill b. 1899, Gregoria O’Neill b.1904, Magdalena O’Neill b.1876, Eugenio O’Neill y Reyes b. 1898, Elena O’Neill y Reyes b. 1898-1902

This O’Neill’s parents were born in the Island of Tortola they settled in the Island of Viques, Puerto Rico.

Born in Puerto Rico: Alfonso O’Neill y Manuel married Maria Pastrana parents of Ricardo O’Neill y Pastrana b. 1886, Alfonso O’Neill y Pastrana b. 1888, Alfred O’Neill y Pastrana b. 1889, Emilia O’Neill y Pastrana b. 1894, Isabel O’Neill y Pastrana b. 1895, Eugenio O’Neill y Pastrana b. 1898, and Eduardo O’Neill y Pastrana b. 1903.

These O’Neill’s are from a town called San German.

I have no knowledge of their origins Enrique O'Neill y Lopez b. 1870, Eloisa O'Neill y Lopez b. 1884, Juan O'Neill y Lopez b. 1879.
These O'Neill’s were born in Rio Piedras.
( They have a different account on their origins their oral history has always been that two sons adopted their mothers surname because their father was a Indian and the mother was taken away back to Ireland or Spain because her father did not agree with their marriage this might be a oral story either that remained in the clan or happened among these O'Neill’s there is not enough DNA evidence but there is a possibility this might be the sons of Micaela O’Neill or another O’Neill that lived in Puerto Rico. )

Juan O’Neill Santos b. 1880 married Geroniman Rosario Camareno b. 1872 parents of Gregorio O’Neill Rosario b. 1893, Jose O'Neill Rosario b.1894, Heriberto O'Neill Rosario b. 1895, Santiago O’Neill Rosario b. 1896, Ulises O'Neill Rosario b. 1897, Monseratte O'Neill Rosario 1903, Providencia O'Neill Rosario b. 1904, Victoriana O'Neill Rosario b. 1907, Vicenta O'Neill Rosario b. 1903.
These O'Neill’s have no knowledge of their origins : Juan Irene O'Neill Baez b. 1906, Ramona O'Neill Baez b. 1907, Leonor O'Neill Baez b. 1909, Fransisca O'Neill Rodriguez de Merced b. 1870, Jose O'Neill Martinez b. 1904.

These O’Neill’s have no knowledge of their father .

Their mother Tomasa Mojica Rodriguez b.? mother of Policarpio O'Neill Mojica b. 1888, Ramon O'Neill Mojica b. 1894, Octaviana O'Neill Mojica b. 1898, Miguel O'Neill Mojica b. 1899, Lucas O'Neill Mojica b. 1902, Aureliana O'Neill Mojica b. 1903.
These O'Neill’s also have no knowledge of their origins but they were settled in the South Caguas, Puerto Rico.

Jose Maria O’Neill b. 1885 married Benedicta Rodriguez de O’Neill b. 1888 parents of Manuel O’Neill Rodriguez b.1907, Jesus O’Neill y Rodriguez b. 1909.

These O'Neill’s are from the Rio Piedras area.

Nicomedes O’Neill Ramirez b.1894 married Juana Rosario y Ramirez b. 1853 parents of Fransisca O’Neill y Rosario b.1888, Lucas O’Neill Rosario b. 1890, Manuel O’Neill Rosario b. 1892.

These O'Neill’s i do not know if they adopted their mothers name possible sons of a O'Neill and Anizeto Merced was their stepfather. Anizeto Merced b. 1870 married Fransisca O’Neill Rodriguez b. 1870 Maria b.1904,Angelina b.1901, Julia b. 1899, Francisco b.1898, Juana b.1895, Modesto b. 1892, Rufina b.1902, Esteban b.1908

These O'Neill’s i have yet to discover their origins .

Cruz O'Neill b. 1901 East Caguas, Puerto Rico ,Francisco O'Neill Carrasquillo b. 1902.

Y-DNA tests show that not all the O'Neill's are related. More samples are needed to find out if all share if at all a common ancestor.

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