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ICK, Antigua

PostPosted: Tue Sep 05, 2006 10:55 am
by sandyb
Looking for Georgiana Augusta Ick, born Antigua c1809. Her parents George Ick a planter and Elizabeth McGilvery.
She married a John Alexander Trott, a school master. Her son Adolphus Henry Trott emigrated to Australia with her brother Edward Edwin Ick after his parents' death in 1855.
Any information on this family would be greatfully appreciated. I have information on the descendants in Australia.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2008 3:19 pm
by timotheus
Hi, Sandy and Noel.
My surname is Brodrick from which Ick is derived. My family history, as handed down to me, tells me that my GGgrandfather emigrated to Antigua to join an uncle, possibly on a plantation. I have seen a photostat of a parchment which states that he sired three coloured children. He returned to England and married an Englishwoman and one of his sons became vicar of the village of Peasmarsh, nr Rye, East Sussex. He arrived with the surname, Ick, but was buried as Brodrick.

There is some talk that there was a bishop Brodrick on Antigua.

Folklore also tells me that one of my ancestors was disappointed in a bequest when he considered he was due £8,000 but received a mere £3,000 (a fortune then!) so in a fit of high dudgeon and pique lopped the first five letters off his surname. I have neve been able to find out when this could have occurred. We have in the family silver spoons engraved "Ick".

I have discussed this with the head of the family Allen Brodrick, Viscount Midleton, and he is as much in the dark as I.

What may be helpful is the family crest which came down with the Brodricks from, I believe, Richmond, Yorks, to Wandsworth, Southeast London in the middle of the 16th centuary.

The family creast is a crown surmounted by an upright spear with three drops of blood from its tip and the motto below is "a cuspide corona", ie "by the spear the crown". I used to make my Father cross by saying that it is easily paraphrased to "might is right"!

I would be grateful to hear from anyone if the above rings any bells.