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BARCHUS - Montserrat

PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 1:50 pm
by MazzaB
John Mead BARCHUS was born in Montserrat around 1876, a mariner, he arrived in South Wales sometime before 1900, married in Cardiff 1901 to Blanche Coles with whom he had 3 children - 2 surviving - Alfred and William. John Mead BARCHUS then died in 1911 - his cousin Hubert GAY was the informant on the Death Certificate. They both worked in the mines in South Wales. Hubert married and went to live in Southampton where his name apppears on the WW1 War Memorial but nothing more is known about his connection to John or his former life in the West Indies although we understand from the 1911 census that he was born in Barbardos.

My husband is named after his father Alfred and his brother named after John but we know nothing about Grandfather John Mead Barchus's life before he arrived on the UK shores and would love to know more about his family circumstances and indeed that of his cousin Hubert GAY. Did they work their passage to the UK together? The only thing we had heard was that possibly John was a preacher of some kind.

We would love to hear from anyone who could shed any light on their lives in the West Indies and would be really made up to find details of his birth parents/family.