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CELESTINE - Martinique

PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 5:10 pm
by baltimore
I've been researching for a while the whereabouts of Marie Virginie CELESTINE born in Le Vauclin, Martinique on January 19th 1882. She was married to Auguste Charles Emile Marie BAUDAIS ( from Rennes, France, born July 24 th 1867 ) in Fort de France on August 10th 1907. Before marying they had two kids : Jean-pierre BAUDAIS, born 1901 in Fort de France, Martinique and Virginie Célestine Renée BAUDAIS born in Caroupana, Venezuela, September 9th 1902. The kids were first registered with the CELESTINE surname and then in 1904 they were registered by the father. Mr Baudais used to work for le Cable Français. For an unknown reason he goes back to France around 1909 with the 2 kids and without the spouse. There is nothing registered in Martinique or Guadeloupe about her death. In 1910 Auguste dies in Douarnenez France and her daughter follows in 1911. They were survived by Jean-Pierre BAUDAIS that kept on living until his death in 1984 in Chaumont, France. It is worth noting that after Mr BAUDAIS came back he never talked about what happened in Martinique that led to his sudden comeback to France. he only had one picture of her with the kids. I first assumed that Marie Virginie CELESTINE might have gone back to Venezuela where she had lived for a while. Or might have gone back to Le Vauclin where her mother and siters lived. But so far I found nothing. Anybody has a clue ? If you have a CELESTINE or BAUDAIS in your listings that can match this strange story let me know please ! :mrgreen: :arrow: :idea: