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LYNCH - Martinique

Postby bimjim » Thu Nov 08, 2012 10:28 pm


In the Name of God Amen

I Samuel Lynch of the town of St. Pierre and island of Martinico being at present sick in body but of perfect sound and disposing mind memory and understanding and considering the uncertainty of this life do ??? publish and declare this is my last will and testament in manner and form following

First I desire that all my just debts and funeral expenses to be fully paid and satified ??? whereas by a certain sum of money fixed in the hands of Sir James Boutein (?) for allowing me an annuity - that sum will now regularly (?) fall and devolve to him on my death and I desire it may be considered is a full restitution of my regard for him.

Then I give and bequeath brother Hasell Lynch all my wearing apparel of every denomination whatsoever also my gold watch and chain with the seals thereto and the sum of one hundred pounds currency

And whareas the whole of the furniture and plate house belongs to the mulatto woman named Sophia who at present lives with me it is therefore my will and desire that the same be and remains confirmed (?) to her as her real and absolute property with the sum of three hundred and thirty pounds currency part of money in the hands of Sir James Boutein to be paid her immediately.

And as I have given her a Bill of Sale for her sister Emmy she having purchased her from me.

I desire that the said Emmy may ??? be considered her property and as the said Sophia was liberated in the island of Barbadoes as will appear by her papers had and obtained from ???.

I do desire and it is my will that the same be confirmed to her and that she be deemed free to all intents and purposes.

Then I leave in the hands of my brother Hasell Lynch and my esteemed friend Thomas Beech junior Esquire Barrister at Law the sum of five hundred pounds currency in trust for the use and benefit of an infant child of the said mulatto woman Sophia whose name is Sophia also to be put out at interest on good security or otherwise turned to advantage for her as the Trustees shall judge most expedient and beneficial and the yearly interest arriving therefrom to be paid at each and every year into her mother for the maintenance of of the said infant and upon the attaining the age of eighteen years the said sum of five hundred pounds to be immediately paid over to her.

And in case of the death of this said infant child Sophia before she attains the age of eighteen years that then it is my will and desire that the aaid sum of five hundred pounds shall devolve to and become the property of the said mulatto woman named Sophia her said Mother to be paid unto her upon her demanding the same.

I also give unto the said infant child Sophia my mulatto woman slave named Victoria.

Then I give and bequeath unto Mr. James Sosark (?) the sum of thirty three pounds currency and I give unto the said Thomas Beech junior my gold leaded cane and the sum of fifty pounds currency in consideration of his trouble in discharge of the Trusts ??? reposed in him.

Then I give and bequeath unto my ??? friends Charles Cottrell Esquire and Major White the sum of fifty pounds currency each and also the sum of fifty pounds to the Reverend Gough Thomas.

I desire that my two slaves William and Richard be sold by my Executors for the most money that can be got for them but if the said mulatto woman Sophia choses to purchase from Brother William for seventy six ??? I desire she may have the preference in that prize and that he be delivered to her for that sum.

Then I leave unto my sister Eleanor Adams of the island of Barbadoes my mulatto boy named Sandy for and during her natural life only and at her death.

It is my will and desire that the said Sandy be considered and deemed a free person and entirely absolved from all manner of slavery whatsoever.

Then I give and bequeath unto Mary and Sally two daughters of Elizabeth Claxton of the island of Trinidad the sum of one hundred one hundred and fifty pounds currency each and to their brother the like sum.

And all the rest resident and remainer of my estate both real and personal and of every other nature and find whatsoever I give and bequeath unto my said sister Eleanor Adams to be divided as she thinks fit after reserving to herself the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds Sterling.

Lastly I do appoint my brother Hasell Lynch Charles Cottrell and Thomas Beech junior Esquire Executors to this my will in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this seventh day of November 1799 S. Lynch.

Signed sealed published and declared by the within named Samuel Lynch as and for his last will and testament and in his presence and in the presence of the each other we have we have subscribed our Names as Witnesses present at the execution hereof (Signed) Edwd Beech (?) (Signed) James Soracht (?)
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