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Gaillard de Laubenque family of Martinique & St. Lucia

PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2011 7:21 pm
The first Gaillard of this family to move to the West Indies was Honoré Gaillard de Laubenque. He sailed from L'Orient in France on October 1, 1773. He was a french nobleman and military officer who was stationed both in St. Lucia and Martinique. His sons Louis and Charles both married sisters from the d'Encausse de Labatut family of Martinique. His brother Nicolas Gaillard de Dufort also was a military officer stationed in the Saintes. Nicolas left the West Indies in 1793. I have quite a bit more information on this family in my book: The Gaillard de Laubenque family of France & St. Lucia.