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HINDS, George Benjamin - Barbados, Panama

PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 7:33 am
by DeeLee
My great grandfather's name was George Benjamin Hinds and his wife, my great grandmother's, name was Mary Williams Springer Hinds both were born in Barbados. They had 3 sons and I believe 2 daughters. The sons were all born in Barbados: George hinds born in 1886, Edgar Berrisford Augustus Hinds born in 1888 and James Herbert Nathaniel Hinds born in 1891. We do not know the daughters date of birth but their names could be Beryl and Iris.

George Hinds and James Herbert Nathaniel Hinds migrated to Panama in early 1900's. George died in Panama in 1943 and James Herbert Nathaniel Hinds died in 1987 in New York. If anyone knows anything about my ancestors please contact me. If you are a descendant of Edgar, Beryl, Iris or any other family member, please contact me. Thank you.