Looking for father - HINES in Jamaica

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Looking for father - HINES in Jamaica

Post by karlene » Fri Dec 10, 2010 11:39 am

I would very much like to see and know who my father is, what he looks like.

I was born in Jamaica, Porus Trinity in Manchester.

My mother left me in Jamaica when I was 2 years old, I was brought up by my cousin whom I thought was my mother.

I have never seen my father. My mother, who I then joined in London, UK in 1969, won't tell me who he is, or even his first name.

All I know is I have his surname. People who are my family say they don't know who he is, but think he's from Kingstown (Kingston?), she was a domestic helper there.

My granny also withheld that information from me, I am wondering if he is some kind of murderer, or something, now all the elders have died, so I have no one of asking.

I was born in Trinity on 16th July 1959. My mother's name is Vivia Simpson.

Please help me - I really don't know where to look, seeing as I have no information on him, so this make it very impossible to even trace him, without even knowing his first name,

My birth certificate doesn't even have his name on it, so I feel I am going to die without even knowing who I belong to, just like my brother did 7 years ago.

I am now feeling very depressed, and feel as if I don't belong.

I thank anyone if they have any information.

Thank you God Bless

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Re: Looking for father - HINES in Jamaica

Post by Akil_simp » Tue Dec 08, 2015 12:01 am

Dear Karlene,

You can contact the Registry General Dept in Jamaica. They have many different records, birth, death, marriages. Im not sure if that helps but I hope it works out!

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Re: Looking for father - HINES in Jamaica

Post by bimjim » Tue Dec 08, 2015 1:00 am


Each Parish in Jamaica has AT LEAST one Group on Facebook, most have two or more, and the people in those Groups are very helpful. May I suggest that you find the right Parish Group for where you were born, give them enough info to go on, and see if maybe they can help you. In Facebook, simply type in the search box at the top the word genealogy, Manchester (or Kingston), and the word Jamaica... then select from the results which drop down.

It may very well be that you will find someone who can go to the Registry and research that for you. If this does happen, may I suggest you not forget to find a way to reward them, maybe with a few dollars in the mail.

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