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HEAVEN in Jamaica

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:53 pm
by DianaR
I am a part of the HEAVEN family, although not directly descended from the branch of the family that used to own land in Jamaica.They would be uncles or cousins. Among that family was one James William Augustus Heaven who had children there, including Henry and Thomas. I have no dates of birth, but I believe that JWAH was born in 1803 and I know that he died in 1836. According to the Heaven family history, he married in Jamaica and subsequently sent Henry and Thomas to be educated in England. However, I also know that the Heaven family does tend to clean up messy stuff, and that two children of the same names and approximate ages are listed in the slave lists of the Heaven properties. As I continue my quest to make contact with my assorted and distant cousins across the world, I would like to establish contact with any descendants of Thomas and Henry. I realize that this is complicated by the fact that other children born on the Heaven property were probably given the Heaven last name.

Any thoughts?