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HINES - Jamaica

PostPosted: Fri Dec 10, 2010 11:53 am
by karlene
Looking for my father, first name not known, surname HINES, date of birth not known.

If anyone knows or hears of Hines I believe he was living in Kingstown (Kingston?), as I was told. My mother, name Vivia Simpson, was a domestic worker in Kingstown (Kingston?) in the 1960s.

I am 51, so my father must be at least 70 years old. We are from Manchester, Trinity District Porus. I am desperately trying to find him, I have been sick, with all the diagnostic, the doctors can't seem to know what is wrong with me.

I don't know my fathers background. My mother never talks about him, nor tells me his first name, so this makes it very impossible for me to find him, I have no information, whatsoever.

I thank anyone who has some information.

God bless