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Rita Hudson

PostPosted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 12:53 am
by caquart
Have you tried the records on microfilm with the Mormon church? Most large towns have a Family History Centre. People of all denominations can use the facilities.

Check their website: Go to the library catalogue search. Then do a place search for Grenada. Once you are on the Grenada page, you'll see a button in the top right that says "related places". This takes you to the various parishes and you can see what records are available. All you have to do is order the film from your local Family History Centre. They will call you when it is in.

Apologies in advance if I'm telling you something that you already know.



PostPosted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 1:53 am
by bimjim
Here is the Custom Search page to access the IGI database itself... ... ch_IGI.asp

Whatever the note says, you CAN just enter only a surname and search... all surnames and Soundex equivalents will be returned, page after page, up to 5,000 records. Links in those records allow you to "drill down" in the records to get more info.

**PLEASE NOTE: Remember to set the search location!!! (whether to "Caribbean Islands" or something else.)


Serious researchers regard the IGI as a source of "nudges" or "hints" only, not as definitive proof of anything at all, for the simple reason that at least some of these entries come from uploaded/donated amateur family trees. And serious researchers are aware that amateur family trees can - and do - contain amounts of undocumented assumptions, hearsay, the word of senile relatives, and occasionally massive amounts of wishful thinking that are merely entertaining at best.

So, by all means use the IGI to further your research... but if you want to be a serious truly researcher for your family tree, you MUST confirm the information found there with other sources.

One more helpful item... check your largest local library for whether they have an ILL (Inter-Library Loan) arrangement with the LDS / Mormon Church.

My experience here in Toronto has been that while the local Temple charged more for the "nominal fee", restricted the viewing hours to a total of about 6 a week - by prior appointment only - in dark and musty conditions with few facilities, and had really antiquated and inconvenient equipment, the Metro Toronto Reference Library had a lower "nominal fee", several fairly new microfilm and fiche viewers incorporated into photocopiers, their hours were enormously greater - 12 to 14 hours daily - in light, comfortable conditions with refreshment facilities at the door.

In short, if a Library has the equipment you will find it cheaper and more convenient by far, and even if your library keeps business hours you will be able to access the media in excess of 48 hours as opposed to 6 at the Temple. LDS Church Members get priority in everything, so if they want to use it during the times you are scheduled, you lose those precious hours.

Please note that the LDS do not allow you to remove the films or fiches from the institution, for both safe-keeping and copyright reasons.

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