LYNCH, Robert Bowen - Jamaica/England 1829-1901

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LYNCH, Robert Bowen - Jamaica/England 1829-1901

Post by LornaH » Sat Feb 24, 2018 6:36 pm


I am the great great grandaughter of Robert Bowen Lynch 1829-1901

I have been looking into the family history and have found an old album put together by my great grandmother Evelyn A Poole 1872 who is the daughter of Robert born in Jamaica.The album was given to Evelyn as a present which includes several photos of family members I don't know, as well as some I do know and a bit of poetry which Evelyn had a talent for.

She returned to England with her father who became a Chaplin in Northamptonshire (Rugby poor house 1879) , she married William Poole and had a family of 6 but lost two sons to the Great War and another daughter to illness. One of the children who lived was my grandmother, who had one child, my father.

I recently went to Barbados and visited Codrington college where Robert attended for 2 years before he went to Jamaica to become a priest and attended the Propagation of Gospel Mission.

In the album the photos I know are of Evelyn, her mother and father and her grandmother and grandfather (I think) as well as pictures of her children and family (my grandmother and father etc). The photos I don't know are of Jasper Lynch, 'Nita' (and Victor and their children Sheilah/Mickey), Hylton Mayor (and Rowena and their children Jasper and Ann). If there is any link to these photos I would be most grateful.

I also have a signet ring of bloodstone past down to my father (via Evelyn) with the Lynch family crest of a dog which links back to the Tribes of Galway Ireland (1185)

I would be grateful for any further information

Regards Lorna Hart

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