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DARBY- Kingston, Jamaica

PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:25 pm
by Longtimesearching
I'm hoping someone will see this and share some information. My husbands father was born in Kingston 1929. The story goes his name was Harold Ivan Darby son of Victor Alexander Darby and possible mother is Ambrozine Creary. When Victor died his good friend Persival Dakers took care of him as his own. I have just started a search on Ancestry but I'm running into a wall when is comes to information about Victor and who his father could be. My husband has 7 brothers and sister with the Dakers name of which they are very proud of. They would just like to know about the Darby's as that is their bloodline. All of them have a light to medium complexities with thick curly hair. There have been talk of possible Cuban connections. My husband is also just submitted his DNA for testing. Hoping that helps. Open to researching any information you may have. Thank you