BADWAH,BADWA,BODWAH,BODWA (E. Indian) - Jamaica, Manchester

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BADWAH,BADWA,BODWAH,BODWA (E. Indian) - Jamaica, Manchester

Postby Amber » Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:45 am

My Badwah ancestors resided in Manchester, Jamaica in the 1800s and early-mid 1900s. The name has been spelled as: Badwah, Badwa, Bodwah, Bodwa

I can't find out when they arrived in Jamaica, but I do have some basic information. I'd love some help determining where in India they came from and more details on their story.

Alexander Badwah was born in Somerset, Manchester, Jamaica 1822. He passed away in Lacovia, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica in 1927.
He married Jane Mandench and they had four children:
1) Robert Badwah 1868-1938
2) Walter Badwah 1886-1932
3) Bertia Ann Badwah 1890-?
4) Rebertha Badwah 1891-1903

Walter James Badwah is my great-great grandfather. He married Mary Badgnauth (sp?) in 1912 in Saint Catherine, Jamaica and had twelve children together.
1) Louise Amanda Badwah 1914-1920
2) Edward Connelly Badwah 1915-?
3) Lydia Badwah 1916-?
4) Altamont Badwah 1918-?
5) Christine Josephine Badwah 1919-1995
6) Noel Badwah 1921-?
7) Rosalie Badwah 1923-?
8) Joseph Ira Badwah 1925-1974
9) Mailsada Badwah 1927-?
10) Linford Badwah 1929-1929
11) Leonard Badwah 1930-?
12) Myrtle Badwah ?-?
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