MILLER, Joseph Alexander - Jamaica

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MILLER, Joseph Alexander - Jamaica

Post by nell rellim » Sat Aug 13, 2016 6:47 am

Seeking information on Joseph Alexander Miller, my great grandfather. Known within the family as J.A.

This has been on ongoing journey for many of us from J.A.'s adult children - my grandfather and grand uncles; to my father and his brother, and now to myself and my cousins.

J.A. MILLER was born Jamaica Aug 31, 1854. Arrived Sydney, Australia 1879 as a Ship's Cook. Stated place of birth on various documents were Falmouth, or Kingston, or St Anne Bay, or Halifax, all Jamaica.

J.A. supposedly attempted to change all records, unsuccessfully, to read that his place of birth was instead Halifax in Canada.

There is some conjecture about a marriage in Sydney on 29 January 1890 to a Mary Ann Lake (might even be Blake) born approximately 1864 in London Or Hertfordshire UK, with whom he had 3 children.

Supposedly both J.A. and Mary Anne Lake (Blake) arrived in Sydney in1879, possibly on the same ship.

Family history is that J.A. MILLER left behind 3 sisters (there has been conjecture whether they were indeed his sisters, or possibly daughters or nieces) named Hattie MILLER, Sarah MILLER, and Annie MILLER.

It is also thought that these 3 young ladies were in an Orphanage in St Anne Bay at the time of his departing Jamaica around 1878.

J.A. MILLER lived in a and around the inner suburbs of Sydney Australia until his death in 1938, he owned a number of cafes or family restaurants during that period.

Joseph Alexander MILLER officially married my great grand mother, Ann Elizabeth CHALKER (to whom seven of his nine children were born) in 1927, when all the children were adults.

There is oral family history that JA's first son, Charles Hampden MILLER, journeyed to Kingston Jamaica in 1912/13, but no firm evidence exists.

Charles Hampden MILLER was killed at Franceville during WW1 in June 1918.

My grand uncle, Joe MILLER, visited Jamaica in approx 1963 and on his return to Sydney Australia I recall sitting in our kitchen with him and my dad C.L. MILLER and talking about that trip. Grand-Uncle Joe claimed to have met with a very old man who remembered the MILLER's and said that Margaret MILLER, nee Turner, had been from an Indigenous family, not from Jamaica, but possibly Cuba or Haiti.

Seeking info on both great grandfather J.A. MILLER and great-great-grand father J. MILLER as well as g-g-g-mother Margaret MILLER (TURNER).

Also, if the three sisters (daughters/nieces) in Kingston married and had descendants, it would be nice to know if those relatives still are living.

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