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REED or REID (John), PHILLIPS - Jamaica, Goshen

PostPosted: Fri Aug 21, 2015 2:20 pm
by robinjp
I am searching for a John W REED (sometimes REID) who is recorded as residing at Goshen, Jamaica in 1808. This fact comes from a pre-nuptual agreement/contract between John W REED (planter) and his wife Martha PHILLIPS of Scotland (Edinburgh and later Glasgow). Her father was a wealthy Merchant in Glasgow.

I have been unable to find out where Goshen was, nor have I been able to locate which REED or REID family John came from in Jamaica, hence this post.

John and Martha REED disappear from 1808 to 1817 when they are in Liverpool. Their sons (Henry Wilson and Charles Yates were baptised there) and later we know that John worked in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) then India. I am descended from Charles Yates REED, with the PHILLIPS name being re-used for reasons unknown from 1880.

All help, information and advice welcomed.

Robin in Kenilworth, England

Re: REED or REID (John), PHILLIPS - Jamaica, Goshen

PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2016 3:11 am
by pbrady4
Hello Robin,

John Reed m Martha Phillips; their son was Charles Yates Reed BUT I HAVE NO PROOF OF THIS.

Charles Yates Reed m Ellen Puddicombe; their son was Charles Phillips Reed.

Charles Phillips Reed was in a defacto relationship with Doddama. All their children were born out of wedlock so were not given their father's family name, rather they were given a link to their father, that being his middle name (which of course, is his maternal grandmother's maiden name).

My husband's family, too, is descended from Charles Yates Reed. I am very confused as to how/when the Reed family left the UK and ended up in India, for India is where we have first certain records of Charles Yates Reed. I have found references to a John Reed (shoe maker) and Martha Phillips being married in Edinburgh in Jan 1808, and have found on the 1851 census that they have a son (also a shoemaker) called Charles Reed (no middle name given on the census, so I am not certain this is my Charles YATES Reed). Charles is not listed on the 1861 England census, but this may be right as I have found documentation of his marriage to Ellen Petticombe in India in 1860,

However, we know (family verbal history) that in India, Charles Yates Reed was a Coffee Plantation Manager - not a shoe maker as the 1851 census states. This difference in occupation has me doubting the 1851 reference is "our" Charles Yates Reed. Further, family talk is that he was in Jamaica before India, which agrees with some statements you have made (above). You have said you were looking for details on John Reed in Jamaica; perhaps I have been looking in the wrong place by focusing on the incurrect John Reed/Martha Phillip/Scotland marriage 1808.

Are you able to provide me with information which will help me tack the history of the Reed family

Many thanks. Karen.

Re: REED or REID (John), PHILLIPS - Jamaica, Goshen

PostPosted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:38 pm
by robinjp
Hi Karen. As discussed off line, we do have the same ancestor in John Reed and I am confident he was in Jamaica in the early 1800s, inLiverpool from 1818 to 1820 then to places unknown (possibly Ceylon (Sri Lanka) before spending the rest of his days in India. If anyone else is interested in this line, please Google me/contact me via Ancestry or this Carsurdex website. Robin