CUMMINGS - Jamaica, St. Mary

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CUMMINGS - Jamaica, St. Mary

Postby Keith Burton » Thu Nov 06, 2014 12:17 am

I'm trying to see how far back I can get with my Cummings line. They settled in Amiel Town (Mount Angus), Saint Mary. My great-great-grandfather, Richard Cummings was probably born in the 1820s and his wife, Isabella was born in 1828. I know the names of five children: Frances Elizabeth, George Ezekiel, Micah, Timothy, and Rhoda (my great-grandmother).

I have also located an Ellen Cummings from Amiel Town, who may very well be my great-great-great grandmother, with a birthdate of 1812, but I have not found a conclusive link.

Since the Cummings appear to have had a lot of female offspring, the name has not survived in that area. However, some of the surnames who married into the family are DaCosta, Bennet, Sinclair, Simms (Syms/Symms), Forbes, Edwards, Byfield, and Brown.
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