CLEUGH - Jamaica, St. James Parish?

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CLEUGH - Jamaica, St. James Parish?

Postby Teri » Tue Oct 30, 2012 8:27 pm

My name is Teri. I am trying to find out information about my great-grandparents. All I know about my great-grandmother is her name, Margret CLEUGH, and that she married the Rev. Ezekiel Wright JARRETT (info posted under Surnames J) and that she had at least two daughters, Margaret Cleugh JARRETT, my grandmother, who married Harry Fulmer, and my great-aunt, Evelina "Iris" Jarrett Whiting. I have found the birth record for my great-aunt Iris, who was born 02 December 1887 in Bull Pen, St. James, Jamaica, and whose birth was recorded in the District of Adelphi in the Parish of St. James.

I can only presume that Margret CLEUGH may be from St. James Parish, because of giving birth there. She and her husband were on furlough from missionary work in West Africa, so my hypothesis is that they went back to stay either with her relatives or his.
The midwife on the birth certificate of my great-aunt was Lettitia Brown of Windsor Lodge Estate, St. James.

Any help in finding out more information about Margret CLEUGH would be appreciated, especially birth and/or death information, and who her parents were.

(Just in case anyone is wondering if I made a mistake, the names of my grand-mother and great-grandmother are listed on my grandmother's passport, and Margaret Cleugh Jarrett is the daughter of Margret Cleugh Jarrett, wife of Ezekiel Wright Jarrett :) )
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