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Postby Cebrun » Fri Dec 16, 2011 7:50 pm

Hello All,

I am doing some research on my family and trying to pinpoint specific relatives and how they are related to my ancestor who came from Jamaica. His name was Allen Sebron. I know the name has been spelled this way in Jamaica but is also spelled "Sybron". I believe he was from Clarendon Parish. I know he was of Yoruba descent on his father's side. After some research, it looks as if the Sybrons of Jamaica are an Indo-Jamaican/Afro-Jamaican mixed family. I do not have a picture of him, however, I do have a picture of his son Samuel and he could definitely be Indo and Afro-Jamaican. I would like to know more if someone has any information on this family or is apart of this family.

I have attached a photo of his son, Sam Sebron, just in case anyone recognizes anyone in their family who looks like him or has seen someone Jamaican who looks similar.

Thanks in Advance and much love
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Sam Sebron
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