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WALCOTT - Jamaica, Barbados, Portugal

Postby pabloc » Fri Oct 28, 2011 3:44 pm

Hello, I too am a Walcott. I have never met my biological father nor any of his family. However, my mothers side of the family has told me over the years that my fathers family is from Albert Town, Trelawny. Only recently, i was told that i am a descendant of Albert Walcott. Having spoken to a few people who knew both my mom and father before i was born. I have found out that my grandfathers name is Albert Robert Walcott ( one of six children of Albert and Hilda Walcott). My fathers name is Everitt ( goes by the alias of Percy short for Percival)Walcott.

Over the years, i have been told that i have family in Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica and Portugal. But i have no way in which to prove this. My grandparents, have often indicated that my great grandfather was possibly from Europe ( but i have never proven this to be true or not) Therefore, if there is anyone within this forum, who knows more about Walcott's in those countries please feel free to contact me.
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