Christopher S. Binns Australia & Jamaica link

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Christopher S. Binns Australia & Jamaica link

Postby Miles Hispaniae » Thu Jun 05, 2008 7:55 pm

(Australia & Jamiaca )Binns was an Australian descendant of Christopher Snowden Binns, a mariner who was born in Jamaica about 1810 and died in Australia in 1904 aged 84 years. Christopher Snowden became a farmer in Kangaroo Valley, south of Sydney, Australia, and has many descendants. Recent research in Jamaican records suggests that Christopher Snowden Binns was the son of an earlier Christopher Snowden Binns who was born in Montego Bay, St James parish in 1773 and died there in 1812. Christopher Snowden Binns Senior's parents were Edward and Catherine Binns. They were white, but present-day Binns in Jamaica have predominantly black ancestry. Records of possible descendants of a brother of Christopher Snowden Binns Senior can be found in St Elizabeth parish. The Jamaican Binns descendant are from St Elizabeth parish one memeber is of the Haplogroup R1a.Jamaican tradition stait that the origins of the Binns is from Scotland, but little evidence for Binns in Scotland at the right period. Some of the Jamaican Binns used the name forename Keitley, or variants, suggesting that they might have had links to Keighley (pronounced Keethly) in Yorkshire, England. - Info provided by B. Dettmann
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