Caribbean Y-DNA project

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Caribbean Y-DNA project

Postby Miles Hispaniae » Thu May 22, 2008 8:22 pm

I have created a Y-DNA project for anyone who is interested just search for Caribbean y-DNA project in FTDNA...

Pirates or Buccaneers until the 1690's operated openly out of Tortuga and in the western part of Hispaniaola and then, after 1655 , from Port Royal, Jamaica . Also Jamaica has a rich history of Spanish ,Scottish and Irish settlers.

This would be a project to find common ancestors among the current caribbean population.

or search engine search Caribbeanproject Familytreedna for futher info.

I would greatly appreciate anyone with a Caribbean ancestry to join.

For those already tested by FTDNA or desire to be tested and are of a Caribbean ancestry . I would be Glad to hear from you i created this Caribbean Y-DNA project. This what you do go to your Familytreedna page and once you log in go to the icon Join once you are in go to the icon on top of page Projects then go down to Y- Geographical projects and and click on C you will see the Caribbean and just click and join. If you belong to more than two or three Geographical (not surname groups) it won't allow you . Hope to see you in group.

Please contact me with info of family and Haplogroup predicted or tested by FTDNA.
Miles Hispaniae
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