Top Haitian Genealogy Websites

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Top Haitian Genealogy Websites

Postby CJSGL » Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:34 pm

Haitian Genealogy Websites

Here are some websites to assist you with doing your Haitian genealogy. I highly suggest using all of them including putting your family trees .. The more you put . the more potential you have of being able to find information and get assistance from other family members. Each site allows you to customize the security of the information you post. If you don’t want dates and other personal information put . then at least put names and whether they are dead or alive. This helps minimize confusion about whether the family member is the same person someone is researching. Please fill out your profiles even if it is something basic like “researching my Haitian ancestors” this helps prevent confusion.
This site contains the submitted familytrees of Saint-Domingue/Haitian ancestors and descendants. It can serve as a quick family name search for those that are wondering if there family surname originates or can be found in Haiti.
This site allows you to view it in English or French. A group of people have been summarizing the records in Haiti and posting the information periodically on the site. They also allow you to submit your family tree on their site. There is a membership fee to view the full summary of the records along with viewing the familytree submissions. The money goes towards paying the individuals in Haiti that retrieve the records from the National Archives and make a summary of the information.

http://anom.archivesnationales.culture. ... T-DOMINGUE
This site contains records from the various territories of France. Places like Louisiana, various Caribbean islands--i.e. Saint-Domingue, Algeria, and Cote-D’Ivoire. The records are digitized and searchable by year, type, and town. It is a great resource for connecting your Haitian ancestors to their Saint-Domingue families.
The University of Florida Digital Collections holds a special place in my heart due to finding my grandfather’s obituary in it’s contents. They have many digital collections from letters dating back to Saint-Domingue, Photographs, and Haiti’s newspaper Le Nouvelliste dating back to 1899.
Haiti’s newspaper is . and a great resource for finding obituaries of those living in Haiti and abroad.
This is a free site that allows you to upload your family tree and search records that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) have archived, digitized, and uploaded .. This is the best resource to date for finding records from Haiti in digitized form. They have been uploading searchable digitized records periodically for each of the main cities and towns in Haiti.
This facebook group is a great place to meet others who share the same interest in researching their Haitian/Saint-Domingue family history. You can learn tips and share successes.
Looking for a genealogist that has experience in doing Haitian family history research. At you can find out if the information you received is accurate and break through those road blocks.
I’m sure you have seen the commercials about this site. You can signup for free but your ability to find records and contact other members will be restricted. I suggest going to the local LDS family history center or library that already has a subscription so you can find records for free. Ancestry is a great resource to find records for family that have immigrated to and from Haiti from countries like Europe, Canada, and the U.S.A. AncestryDNA is also an option which I suggest where you can learn more about your genetic history and origins. Please put your family tree up so you can connect to others searching for information on their history.
This is another great site that has a lot of records. Again they don’t have records from Haiti but if you have relatives in other parts of the world you may be able to find obituaries, births, marriages, divorces, and etc. There is a fee if you want access to the records but at least put your tree up which is free.
I just found this site a month ago and it is great. Why? Because there seems to be a bigger selection of Haitians putting their tree on this site. It allows you to post your tree and see a summary of others trees for free. There is a fee if you want great access to details and records. Again please at least put your tree up.
I recently found this site as well and I appreciate it as well because it has more variety of family trees of French speaking ancestry. It seems to have a larger population of individuals seeking information on family in France, Canada, Saint-Domingue, Haiti, Martinique and etc. Put your tree up.
This is a great basic site to once again get your information posted and get more attention which equals more potential for assistance.
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