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OBIN, Philome - Haiti

PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 2:05 pm
by CaptainCosmic
Please tell me the history of the famous haitian painter, Philome Obin. I found out . in 2010 that I was related to him. He is my grandfather. My birth father, Robert Jovia Obin, never really told me about him when I was a kid. Neither did my mom. So please, email me everything you know about him. Thanks for your help.
                         Philip Robert Obin

Génération 1850/1875 Obéna OBIN

Génération 1875/1900 Grégoire Pierre Narcius Obéna OBIN
Joseph Octélius OBIN
Philomé OBIN
Roseline Marie Obéna OBIN
Sénèque OBIN

Génération 1900/1925 Henri OBIN
Jordin OBIN
Richard OBIN

Génération 1925/1950 Antoine OBIN
Carmelle OBIN
Edith OBIN
Frédéric OBIN
Gabriel OBIN
Georgette KÉBREAU née OBIN
Georgette OBIN
Gérard OBIN
Henri-Claude OBIN
Jocelyne OBIN
Lucien OBIN
Maurice OBIN
Michel M. OBIN
Nerlly OBIN
Paula OBIN
Philoclès OBIN
Robert OBIN
Télemaque OBIN

Génération 1950/1975 Abdience OBIN
Robert Jovia OBIN

Génération 1975/2000 Philip Robert OBIN