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OAKEY - Guyana, Demerara

PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2015 4:41 am
by othams
I am seeking information about the Oakey family of Demerara. John Henry Schneider Oakey married Meriah Hollingworth in England in 1808, and they had a daughter named Meriah/Myrah born 19 August 1809, and baptised 12 November 1809, also in England. They were in Demerara between at least 15 May 1813 (when JHS Oakey signed an address to the Governor) and January 1828 (when THS Oakey subscribed to the Duke of York's Monument). In 1817 JHS Oakey purchased a property apparently with vendor finance described as "Concession or Lots No 67 and 68, situate on the north side of Stabroek district."
The daughter married John White in England in 1834, and the Whites migrated to South Australia in 1836 and subsequently re-located to New South Wales (another Australian State), where they lived for the rest of their lives. After their arrival in Australia, they were joined by Meriah Oakey, who died at Bathurst New South Wales on 13 October 1860. It is believed but not confirmed that JHS Oakey died in Demerara between 1828 and 1834.