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1761-1924 Army Births British Guiana “Overseas” GRO Indexes

PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2015 11:27 pm
by bimjim
1761-1924 Army Births in British Guiana from the “Overseas” GRO Indexes

Army Births & Baptisms (AB91) 1761-1924, and the Supplement (also called Regimental Births Index), Army Birth
Returns 1796-1880 (also called Army Chaplains Index), and the Supplement, 1881-1885, 1886-1890. Note: other
indexes in the overseas series include Marine, Consular & High Commission births, but these do not include British
Guiana except for the High Commission returns post-independence, which are late C20th and therefore too recent to
be included. Some names appear in more than one index; where this is obviously the same person (same name,
year and regiment) the entries have been combined, but where there is any doubt (same name & year but different
regiment) there are separate entries. NOTE: This record only provides the parent(s) names, not the newborn child.
It is believed that under the column ‘Regiment”, that “W.I.R.” may mean West Indies Record /Returns.