BOURDON - Guadeloupe, pre-1850

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BOURDON - Guadeloupe, pre-1850

Post by LouiseB » Wed Nov 18, 2015 5:35 am

I am seeking any information on Louis J. BOURDON 1796-1857 (aka by full name Louis J.M. Bourdon or Louis Jean Marie Bourdon). I also am seeking info on his wife, Marie Charlotte V. CHÉROT DUMAINE BOURDON abt 1806-1853; the V. apparently stands for her nickname, which is "Virginie" or "Virginia."

Both were of French ancestry. Both apparently were Catholic.

Louis was born on May 4, 1796, in Guadeloupe.

Marie was born about 1806 in Guadeloupe.

In or shortly before 1850, they immigrated into the United States and settled in St. Louis, Missouri, where their apparent son Adolph L. Bourdon 1844-1913 also lived. Adolph was born May 20, 1844, in France or Guadeloupe; Guadeloupe births were considered French/France. By 1879, possibly much sooner, Adolph immigrated to the United States and was living and working in St. Louis as a teacher in 1879. During the rest of his career in St. Louis, he was a clerk, bookkeeper or manager for various businesses.

Louis and Marie also immigrated to St. Louis County, Missouri, USA a few years before they died in St. Louis.

There also was another relative in St. Louis named Jeanette Bourdon. Jeanette was either Louise & Marie's daughter/Adolph's sister, Adolph's wife, or some other relative. Jeannette (also spelled Jeannett) Bourdon and Adolph lived at the same St. Louis, Mo., residence in 1879 and 1880. She was born before 1865 and worked in St. Louis as a milliner (who makes or sells women's hats). There is no record of her after 1880.

In June 1886, Adolph Bourdon married Mary E. Surett 1856-1902 in St. Louis. Mary Surett was from New York, probably from near Troy or Albany in Rensselaer County, NY. They both lived in St. Louis for the rest of their lives and had at least 3 children. Adolph died in 1913.

Any more on this family, especially in Guadeloupe, or more info about Jeannette or the Surett ancestors is needed! Most importantly, I want to confirm that Adolph is indeed Louis and Marie's son!

Bios from

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