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SIMEON - Florida, St. John's, Grenada

PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:57 am
by Simeon
Paul SIMEON is my grandfather, his father's name was George SIMEON (no information on my GG fathers wife).

My grandmother was Gertrude Alexis Simeon, and her parents were Corburn and Angie ALEXIS. My father, John Burgess SIMEON, grew up in Florida, St John, Grenada with his seven brothers and 2 sisters, and I am trying to research for any information on my grandparents' extended family. I have two uncles who moved to the USA to live (who have now passed), and one who resided in Canada.

My father and his older brother Peter Saville SIMEON reside in the UK, and the rest of my aunts and uncle reside in Grenada.

Re: SIMEON - Florida, St. John's, Grenada

PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2016 2:18 am
by Spicegirl7
I am not sure if they are ralated but I have a cousin by the name of Phyllis Simeon who passed away in October 2014 in Montreal Canada. She was 78 years old. Her father's name was Graham Simeon.

Phyllis was born in St. Georges, but her father Graham Simeon was from Grenville.