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George BRIAR - Ships Captain 1830 onwards

PostPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 2:30 pm
by tonyb0709
My great grandfather George Briar who was a British sea captain, married and had a daughter in 1834. There is no record of the marriage or of the birth of the child (Jane BRIAR) in the UK records that I can discover and no details about his wife. George Briar sailed three times a year (on average) between Scotland and the Caribbean (mainly Grenada and Tobago) and it is possible that he established his family in the Caribbean area. There is a clue because his daughter Jane BRIAR died in London in 1851 from elephantiasis from which she had suffered for 10 years and which is associated with living in hot countries e.g. the Caribbean.

I wonder if anybody can direct me to a suitable register of births and marriages - I've tried the usual suspects but drawn a blank.

Tony B