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JOSEPH - Grenada

PostPosted: Sat Oct 12, 2013 2:27 pm
by soozieann

I'm trying to find the ancestors of Faithlyn Emily JOSEPH. Born c. 1939 in Grenada. She died in London in 1990. I believe her grandmother or great grandmother was Indian.

I have now got her marriage certificate. She married Boswell Forbes in 1967 at Wandsworth Register Office, London.

Her father was Dovant Joseph, a gardener.

Re: JOSEPH - Grenada

PostPosted: Sat Oct 12, 2013 9:15 pm
by caquart
Hi Sue,

I left you a couple of replies on the Caribbean discussion list, but I'll post them here also:

If you are in the London area, have you checked out the Family History Centre <>? I did a quick search and they seem to have a large (complete?)selection of Grenada records filmed by the Mormons.

I also did a little digging and I found her marriage:

Name: Emily Joseph
Spouse Surname: Forbes
Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1967
Registration District: Wandsworth
Inferred County: Surrey
Volume Number: 5e
Page Number: 1565

You should be able to order the original from the Records office and it may give you additional information on the exact location of birth and maybe her father's name.

Hope this helps,


Re: JOSEPH - Grenada

PostPosted: Sat Oct 12, 2013 9:28 pm
by soozieann
Hi Cathy, thanks so much for your message. That's weird, I didn't get your messages on the Caribbean list:(. I didn't have any luck with finding her on the IGI.

I can't believe I missed her marriage, maybe because she was using Emily, no excuse though- many thanks for that. I can order her marriage cert, and that of course will give me her father's name. My problem is though, I cannot see how I can get to search births, marriages and deaths in the 20th century. I checked the IGI again today, and they only seem to go up to 1891.

I can ask her daughter if the marriage cert is still in the family, it's tricky though. as Mr Forbes left when she was about two years old, so there is a lot of unhappiness there. I don't know her that well, so have to tread softly.

Once again, many thanks,

Best wishes,

Re: JOSEPH - Grenada

PostPosted: Sun Oct 13, 2013 5:14 pm
by caquart
Hi Sue,

There are registers available for Grenada up to 1935 (not the IGI) - a bit late for your Emily, but once you know her father's name, you should be able to find him and earlier ancestors; The Mormons have photographed a large number of Grenada Church records, Civil Registration BMD registers, probate registers, Deeds and indentures. These films can be ordered from any Mormon Family History Centre (there are many around the UK), but the London Centre has all the films in situ, it appears. Go to their website, type Grenada in the "search" and you'll see what they have.

Please ignore if you know this already.