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Cruickshank, McLeod - Grenada

PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 8:11 pm
by rosap
Searching for Edward Angus McLeod c.1853-1908, originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Captain of a ship that worked amongst the Caribbean islands in the mid to late-1800's. I was told that he married a Jessie Cruickshank from Grenada, then settled in Georgetown, British Guiana where his 9 children were born. His youngest daughter, Jessie McLeod Slater (1886-1980) was my maternal Grandmother. His eldest daughter, Ada McLeod Speed (1874-1951) was born on his ship and later married in Guyana to a Joseph Speed from Liverpool, England.
Some of the surnames from this family are: McLeod, Cruickshank, Slater, Bell, Speed, McLean, Crombie, Burns, Crooks, Lyon, Clavier.
I would appreciate any information on this family that comes my way.