GREAVES, THORNHILL - Barbados, St. Michael

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GREAVES, THORNHILL - Barbados, St. Michael

Postby elaineg » Mon Jan 01, 2018 1:34 am

Looking for any connection or information regarding ancestors from Barbados.

Rebecca Jane THORNHILL born about 1850 in St Michael Parish, Barbados. She was buried Aug 1905 Westbury Cemetery, St Michael, Barbados.

Rebecca married John Francis GREAVES Dec 1878, St. Lucy, Barbados

Marriage certificate for Rebecca and John indicate they lived at Sermans Bay, St. Lucy.

John Francis Greaves listed his father as Shermont Greaves, Mason

John and Rebecca had one son Edwin Clawson born 1878. We found birth certificate with Edwin Clawson, no surname, and Rebecca Jane Thornhill as mother.

John and Rebecca may have had a daughter Lew or Laura and a granddaughter Ollitee. Based on a letter from 1905, still preserved with family, Rebecca, Lew and Ollitee lived at Healis Village, Barbados.

Edwin Clawson was black. We assume Rebecca and John were also black. We do not know if Shermont was white. He was listed as a Mason on John's marriage certificate 1878. We do not know if there were black masons in Barbados.

Any connections or suggestions of search is greatfully received.

Elaine Greaves, Canada
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