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GREEN(E) / LAVINE - Barbados (new information added)

PostPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 10:08 pm
by Greener
I am trying to find any information on my grandfather Cyril Green(e). The only information that I can find is that he was buried in Westbury Cemetery on Jan 15, 1945 at 47 years. I think he was born in St James and died in Black Rock. He was a policeman in Barbados when he died (Constable # 91). He had a sister named Marie who my mother called (dear aunt Marie) Marie's daughter's named is Vi/Viola. Viola had two sons... one is Cameron (Cammy).

My grandad was related to Edward Green who married Delcina Greenidge. Delcina and Edward moved to Connecticut in 1924. I believe Delcina's mother was Caroline Greenidge of Cave Hill.

Edward and Delcina had a son George Green and daughter Marie Green. George was born in Barbados but Marie was born in Stamford CT.

New information:
I recently found out that my grandfather was related to the Lavine's from Black Bess St Peter. I was told that he was the uncle of Octavia Lavine. My mum also mentioned names she recalled as a child John, who I believe was her uncle. Also Doreen, Ilene and Enid Lavine. I recalled Marie Green of Connecticut visiting the Lavine family when I was a young girl

I need to connect the relationship between Cyril Greene and the Lavine family.

Re: GREEN(E) / LAVINE - Barbados (new information added)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2014 5:46 pm
by sontan
Hi June

I just saw this other post you have on here. My mum has also mentioned that her mother Octavia had an uncle who was a policeman. I am so surprised to now read that he had a sister called Marie. Marie raised my grandmother when her own mother died very suddenly when my gran was a little girl.I have been trying for so long to find relatives of my grandmother! Please to meet you family, please stay in touch. Cyril Greene would have been family to Octavia Lavine (nee Haynes), this is where the link to the Lavines comes from. So you are in actual fact family to Haynes and Lavines. If I am not mistaken I also recall hearing the name Clemmie Haynes mentioned by mum at some point too.