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Edward Josias Hall of Olveston Plantation

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 7:32 am
by Maile
I am interested in the family of Englishman Edward Josias Hall and his wife Eliza Soden Hall who came to Montserrat from the Cotswolds in 1863.

Mr. Hall managed Olveston lime Plantation for the Sturge family. His son Edward Josias, Jr., married Clara Burke in 1867. A visiting Englishman from Hawaii, Henry Nicholas Greenwell, stopped in Montserrat in 1868 and married daughter Elizabeth Caroline Hall. He took her back to Kona where they raised a family of 10 children. Greenwell, a fellow planter, grew Kona oranges and purchased Kona coffee from Hawaiians to sell.

Henry and Elizabeth were married at St. Peter's Church on April 9th by the Rev. Joseph Shervington.

Does anyone know what the population of Montserrat would have been in 1868?

Is anyone out there related to one of these Halls?