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Ellen Tucker 1834

PostPosted: Sat Sep 11, 2010 7:42 am
by colin
Ellen Tucker

Birth 1834
In Kingston, Jamaica
Death 1899
In Coolgardie, , Western Australia, Australia

My great great grandfather was Samuel Edward Moore he was 31 year old, an Engineer, and was born in Jamaica, West Indies (In 1829?). Wife Ellen Tucker was 27, and also born in Jamaica, West Indies (In 1833?). My notes say that Samuel and Ellen married in Kingston, Jamaica in March 1853, and then boarded the Glentanner for Melbourne, Australia (via Bermuda, Bahia (Brazil) and Algoa Bay (South Africa) on 10 April 1853. Charles Glentanner Moore my great grandfather was born at sea during the 3 month trip. Mary Elizabeth was then their first Australian child, born at Ballarat in 1856.

I met a woman a a few years back who was also a descendant from Samuel and Ellen, and she was seriously into genealogy. She told me that the "dark features" actually came from Ellen Tucker, and that Ellen's grandfather(?) was a freed slave.